After The Big Rain

  • Kod: ANZ5101
  • Producent: Anzic Records (USA)
  • Wykonawca: Avishai Cohen
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: trumpet
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Jewish / Ethno Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Editor's info:
Alternately moody and joyous, richly atmospheric yet beat-driven, the album features trumpeter Cohen with some of his most esteemed peers: Lionel Loueke on guitar and vocals, Jason Lindner (keyboards), Omer Avital (bass) and Daniel Freedman (drums and percussion). AFTER THE BIG RAIN is texturally rich, full of heated improvisation, group interplay and that funky kind of internationalist flavor Avishai is known for.

All About Jazz - ocena * * * *:
Trumpeter Avishai Cohen has had a varied musical career. He toured with the Young Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and then went into a wider spectrum playing jazz, pop and rock. However, it was when he was at Smalls jazz club in New York, that he had the opportunity to interact and expand his musical horizons with Jason Lindner, Claudia Acuna and Omer Avital. Cohen carries his wide-ranging vision with effect into After The Big Rain.

The title tune sandwiches the selections, the last being an "Epilogue. The first has an underlying power brought to the front by singer Lionel Loueke, his voice a worthy minstrel. Although the words are in Fon, the language of Benin, West Africa; the listener is drawn into the emotional vortex that Loueke creates. Cohen brings in a seductive tensile quality, letting the lines of his trumpet inveigle their way into the melody before he sprays the mellowness with a welter of notes to break up the linear movement. The epilogue shines from the interaction that takes place. Cohen, Daniel Freedman (percussion), Loueke (guitar), and Yosavany Terry ( chekere) stimulate an effervescent air. Add Loueke's vocals, both sung and spoken, and the tune stamps its undeniable class.

The fermenting tide of "Parto Forte is a melting pot from which emerge African rhythm, jazz harmony, free movement, and a dollop of funk. The shift comes in gradually, the chekere and the vocals sashaying in before Cohen shapes it with a structured melody. His jazz instincts serve the tune well and bring it to the forefront. The rhythm bed stirs headily as Cohen continues to recharge the melody with intense phrases that jump and probe. Jason Lindner (keyboards and Fender Rhodes) uncoils light and slowly, his lope to the Rhodes unlocking a percolating swizzle of notes. Cohen then funks in as he filters his trumpet through electronic effects.

This CD is the first in a trilogy. Before The Big Rain and The Big Rain: Birth of the World are set to follow. On the evidence here, the wait is salivating.

Avishai Cohen: trumpet & FXs
Lionel Loueke: guitar and vocals
Jason Lindner: keyboards
Omer Avital: bass
Daniel Freedman: drums, percussion
Yosvany Terry: chekere (1,2,7,8)

1. After The Big Rain 06:15
2. Parto Forte 11:48
3. Gbede Temin 04:38
4. Meditation on Two Chords 08:16
5. Afterthoughts [Mozartine] 07:19
6. Miryama 03:44
7. African Daisy [La Suite African] 11:04
8. After the Big Rain - Epilogue 06:00

wydano: 2007
nagrano: Recorded in NYC - January 17th, 2006.

more info: www.anzicrecords.com

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