Alfabeto Songs: Guitar songs from 17th-century Italy

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  • Wykonawca: Raquel Andueza / Theresa Dlouhy / Private Musicke / Pierre Pitzl
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Muzyka Barokowa
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

This new programme from Private Musicke, with the young Spanish soprano Raquel Andueza, is dedicated to the light Italian delights of the early Baroque period. Everything centres on love in the labyrinth of hope, sorrow, optimism, disappointment and joy. This music is a small selection of the utterly incalculable amount of printed music that appeared between 1610 and 1640. At the sonic centre is the "chitarra espanola" which was explicitly conceived as the accompanying instrument for all the pieces; during these years, it began its soaring flight which has continued up to the present day. One can hear arias, villanelles and canzonas by betterknown composers such as Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger and Tarquinio Merula.

Girolamo Montesardo, Giovanni Stefani, Flaminio Corradi and certain other forgotten authors, however, are now rubbing their eyes after several hundred years of sleep, glancing around themselves in bewilderment: not much has changed. A song is still a song and nothing seems more suitable for giving expression to the overflowing heart.

If there were a hit parade from this period, several of the songs on this programme would surely be amongst the top ten.

Raquel Andueza (soprano) & Theresa Dlouhy (soprano)
Private Musicke, Pierre Pitzl: conductor

1. Aldigiatti de Cesena: Deh volgetemi il guardo
2. Barbarino: Bella e la Donna mia
3. Corbetta: Passacaglia in B
4. Corradi: Odi Euterpe
5. Foscarini: Aria di Firenze per la C, for guitar
6. Foscarini: Ciacona
7. Kapsberger: Rosa bianca
8. Kapsberger: Felici gl'animi
9. Merula: Quando io volsi
10. Montesardo: Anima dove sei
11. Montesardo: La Grave
12. Sanz: Passacalles sobre la D
13. G. Stefani: Amante felice
14. G. Stefani: Alma mia
15. G. Stefani: O voi ch'intorno di lagrimoso
16. G. Stefani: Partenza

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