Pan Or Ama

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  • Producent: Hausmusik (D)
  • Wykonawca: Console
  • Nośnik: CD
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Editor's Info:
"Pan or ama", the debut album of Console, published on Payola, was released long time before "Rocket In The Pocket" with the superhit "14 Zero Zero", which had great results not only in the Indie-Charts, it also climbed our private Top-Ten. The rest is history, Martin Gretschmann, the lone operator behind Console, who sometimes lockes up a whole band behind his project, paced through many ups and precious few downs ofpop-star-ism, he released five great albums.now it´s impossible to imagine the world of electronic song without him! But "Pan or ama", of which only 1000 copies where pressed, got almost forgotten. Although this record goes right into the heart.

"Pan or ama" touches deep. An impressed record, tracks with beats which became songs after they got in touch with soft melody. Contemplative, but not tangent, far from it! The seventh track finally, without a name, breaks into a emotion-landscape as before only "Radio 4" by Public Image Ltd., on the "Second Edition" the re-release of "Metal Box", that's with its softness like a monolith, and on the end, with all the noise, stronger and heftier as that. You could easily put the theory thatbeauty begins, where irony, denial and mind get together. Well, eight years later, this record, which circles around this centre, did not loose his beauty at all.

This record is not only material for explorers, who want to find out, where this, that, our Console comes from, but also a musical melodrama for people, who not only have feelings, they have to afford them. This is cogent. Beautiful. Very very beautiful! (Text by Jörg Sundermeier, translated by Nathalie Brunner)Main project for M.Gretschmann (aka Acid Pauli), lead programmer for the German indie rockers "The Notwist" also involved in the supergroup "13 & God" (Notwist+Themselves).
CONSOLE released albums on Virgin, Matador and others CONSOLE did cooperations/ remixes with/for the likes of Björk and Depeche Mode "Pan-Or-Ama" comes with 2 bonus tracks ("Slowmotion" and "Ladybug") !!!

Main Releases Console
1997: "Pan or ama" CD(Payola)
1998: "Rocket in the pocket" CD/LP (Payola/Virgin/Matador)
1999: "14 zero zero" 12" (Payola/Virgin/Matador)
2000: "Yourself" CD/2x10" (Payola)
2001: "Live at Centre Pompidou" CD (Payola/Code)
2002/2003: "Reset the preset" 2xCD/2xLP (Virgin)

1. Tunnelvision
2. Trainset
3. Thetonic
4. Darkroom
5. Display
6. Davyjoneslocker
8. Slowmotion
9. Ladybug

more info: www.hausmusik.com

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