This Is Living

  • Kod: CCD79846
  • Producent: Candid (UK)
  • Kod producenta: 708857984626
  • Wykonawca: Cormac Kenevey
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: vocals
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"Wokalistyka jazzowa
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Anglia
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Debiutancka płyta irlandzkiego wokalisty jazzowego wydana oryginalnie w 2004 roku przy okazji premiery jego drugiej płyty "The Art of Dreaming" została właśnie wydana ponownie.

Dzięki temu możemy prześledzić ewolucję wykonawczą tego ciekawego muzyka, od "przyjemnego" śpiewania przywodzącego na myśl Petera Cincottiego czy Michaela Bubble – bo taka jest właśnie jego debiutancka płyta, Cormac Kenevey nie spoczywa na laurach, szuka "swojego" głosu i jest na najlepszej drodze aby to osiągnąć.
[Krzysztof Szamot]

This debut by Irish singer Cormac Kenevey is almost the very definition of pleasant. Kenevey has a light, pleasing voice that is well suited to airy, romantic material. Likewise, his band, led by pianist Phil Ware, keeps things moving smoothly and melodically. Listening to This Is Living, one can imagine someone’s grandmother coming across Kenevey performing on say, PBS, and finding the young man and his music very nice.

Some of the most effective performances on the album are the most straightforward. "You Call It Jogging," written by John D. Loudermilk, has a nice bluesy bounce that suits the wry lyrics. Kenevey sings it with just the right amount of humor; that is, he holds back enough so it doesn’t become a novelty tune. On the ballads, he turns in an assured performance of the perennial "I’m Through With Love," and his own composition, "Movies," is sweet and lyrically observant.

Another original song, "Just A Day," is unfortunately the album’s one serious misstep. Built around what sounds like an ill-conceived human beatbox performance, on top of which Kenevey declaims overly precious lyrics, the tune is exceedingly gimmicky. Egregiously, it's placed right in the middle of the album, leaving a lasting impression.

Otherwise This Is Living is sure to please fans of the musical hybrid created when Broadway and jazz overlap. It is smooth, accomplished, and assured. In a word, pleasant.

By Stephen Latessa

Cormac Kenevey: vocals
Phil Ware: piano
Dave Redmond: bass
Kevin Brady: drums
Danny Healy: trumpet
Robert Geraghty: tenor sax, bass clarinet
Karl Ronan: trombone

1. Just A Day (This Is Living)
2. Tell Me The Truth
3. I Walk A Little Faster
4. You Call It Jogging
5. It Could Happen To You
6. I Was Telling Her About You
7. No Moon At All
8. We've Got A World That Sings
9. Movies
10. There'll Be Some Changes Made
11. I'm Through With Love
12. Domestic Bliss
13. I Walk A Little Faster (Extended Version)
14. Tell Me The Truth (Extended Version)

wydano: May 20, 2008
more info: www.candidrecords.com
more info2: www.kenevey.com"
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Your Eyes
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Young at Heart
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You`ve Changed
39,99 zł

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