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Jewish / Judeo-Spanish / Sephardic Music
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Editor's Info:
Since 1998, the ensemble Constantinople, led by Kiya Tabassian, has been delving into the music of the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The musicians have developed a unique approach that leaves them ample room for improvisation and creativity while respecting the basic forms of the music they reinterpret.

The sampler CD is intended to illustrate both the very rich world of the Mediterranean and the unique and eloquent art of Constantinople. Kiya Tabassian has chosen the contents from the 4 discs that the ensemble has made on the ATMA label, and has included a previously unpublished track with the participation of Daniel Taylor. This anthology also features three notable singers, all specialists in this repertoire: Françoise Atlan, Anne Azéma, and Ghada Shbeir.

In 2003 Constantinople received both the Discovery of the Year Opus prize and a Prix Étoile from Radio-Canada's Galaxie network.

Matthew Jennejohn: mute cornett, cornetto, recorders
Isabelle Marchand: fiddle
Guy Ross: ud, harp
Ziya Tabassian: percussion

1. Ya Soi Desposado / Oy comamos y bebamos - Cancionero musical de palacio 6:23
2. El Rey Que Muncha Madruga - Smyrne - Trad. 3:25
3. Abenamar - Maroc / La rosa enflorence - Trad. 7:28
4. Hija mía mi querida - Trad. 3:45
5. La cantiga de la Ley - Trad. 1:53
6. Puncha puncha - Trad. 4:23
7. Aman minoush - Trad. 6:03
8. El Rey De Francia / Smyrne - Trad. 4:29
9. Avrid Migalanice - Cassaba - Trad. 3:47
10. El regateode las - Trad. 4:04
11. La vida es un passahe - Trad. 5:37
12. Las compras del Rabiner - Trad. 1:54
13. Si abra - Cancionero musical de palacio 4:24
14. El cervel mi fa nocte idie - Cancionero musical de palacio 3:08
15. Jançu Janto - Cancionero musical de palacio 3:23

more info: www.atmaclassique.com

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