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Pianistyka Jazzowa
premiera polska:
Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's info:
Fortunately, it found a new home at Propeller Studio by the Akerselva river in Oslo, and this was where “Images” was recorded in October 2014 together with technician Mike Hartung. The spontaneity and intensely live feeling are just as obvious in this album, although Bjornstad had not invited a live audience into the studio this time. Much of the album was recorded straight through, with no editing or new takes. But Bjornstad did allow himself to take some breaks between numbers to listen to and take in the sound of this fantastic grand piano, being played in a new environment. Bjornstad himself describes the music on “Images” as more intimate. “I wanted to avoid many of the percussive elements that are always a part of my concerts. In that way, all of the remarkable overtones of this instrument became very powerful and prominent.”

In these intimate musical encounters we get close to musician and artist Ketil Bjornstad. He stretches a large canvas, both dynamically and emotionally, and also gets close to us, the listeners.

Ketil Bjornstad: Piano, Composer

1. Image No. 1 3:35
2. Image No. 2 4:30
3. Image No. 3 4:33
4. Image No. 4 4:23
5. Image No. 5 4:05
6. Image No. 6 3:38
7. Image No. 7 1:46
8. Image No. 8 3:59
9. Image No. 9 3:16
10. Image No. 10 2:58
11. Image No. 11 3:06
12. Image No. 12 4:31
13. Image No. 13 2:16
14. Image No. 14 3:40
15. Image No. 15 3:21
16. Image No. 16 2:08

total time - 56:17
wydano: 2015-05-11
nagrano: Recorded live on C. Bechstein Grand Piano, model C, serial number 196516, at Propeller Music Division, Oslo, Norway, Thursday 23. October, 2014.
Mastering: Propeller Music Division, Oslo, Norway

more info: www.grappa.no

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