Concerto for bandoneon. Tres movimientos tanguísticos portenos (1968). Tangos [CD+Książka]

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Tango / Tango Nuevo
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Rising out of the traditional Argentinian tango and absorbing jazz, the music of Astor Piazzolla succeeds in fusing both popular rhythms and a classical culture. It finds its quintessence in the Concerto for bandoneon (1979). As the musical expression of the solitude of the individual in the heart of urban society, with Piazzolla the tango attains an extraordinary poetic dimension.

Pablo Mainetti
Orquestra de Cambra
Josep Pons

Concierto para bandoneón, orquesta de cuerdas y percusión (1979)
Concerto pour bandonéon, orchestre a cordes et percussions
Concerto for bandoneon, strings and percussion Astor Piazzolla
1. I. Allegro marcato 6'49
2. II. Moderato 7'38
3. III. Presto 7'00

Tres movimientos tanguísticos portenos (1968) Astor Piazzolla
4. I. Allegretto 6'48
5. II. Moderato 8'30
6. III. Vivace 3'56

Tangos Astor Piazzolla
7. Decaríssimo 2'43
8. Invierno porteno 6'53
9. Adiós nonino 8'14
10. Milonga del ángel 6'04
11. La muerte del ángel 2'53

wydano: 2006-11
nagrano: 1996
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