Half Alive

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Digitally Mastered & Edited By Pomeroy Audio. Released Originally As Cassette-Only September 9, 1981. Original liner notes by Lester Bang.

We have released in digitally remastered and re-edited format the legendary ROIR Suicide cassette of 1981, with three bonus tracks, in both CD and LP format.

Probably no other American rock n' roll group has had such major continuing influence on the international rock world scene as this pioneering electronic punk duo who started gigging in the bowels of NYC almost thirty years ago.

And right now are they ever hot! Mute Records has just released two (count 'em) double retrospective sets, and Rev has a new solo album distributed by Caroline. They very recently performed two nights at NYC's Knitting Factory before SRO audiences, and they have toured in the last 12 months in England, Spain, Italy, Austria & Switzerland. Soon to come a major city U.S. tour.

This release with 1981 Liner Notes from Lester Bangs has been one of the most requested ("please put this out on cd") releases in our 21 year history.

Suicide recorded some amazingly seductive and terrifying music. Their profound influence on a generation of younger bands is readily apparent. They are the source point for Soft Cell, Erasure, Bronski Beat, Yaz, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, you name em'. –All Music Guide To Rock

Half-Alive consists of live tracks circa 1978, plus a hand full of unreleased lo-fi studio gems from 1974-1975. Suicide warrant legend status. They found their most fertile reception outside America in the form of Soft Cell, Woodentops, Spacemen 3, Sigue Sigue Sputnik. They should have been the American "Kraftwerk." -Spin Alternative Record Guide

They were ahead of their time. Rev's repetitive wall-of-noise keyboard and pneumatic rhythm machines with Vegas' Presleyish vocals provide a link to the rock n' roll tradition, with a form of controversial art performance on stage. -Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of RN'R

Unadulterated passion. These tracks recorded from 74-78 blast a whole cesspool of sound and vision. -Boston Rock

A pounding reminder of industrial dance music's early beginnings. They produced a unique obsessively American electronic music of enormous energy and enduring influence - throbbing sequencers and "Morrisonesque" vocals: Awesome. -Trouser Press Record Guide

Guerilla Jukin', guttersnipe veracity, naked romance, Iggy Bop, and Blood. -Lester Bangs, SoHo News

Suicide's acid triggered visions from the NOO YOIK gutters. Electro-boogie rears its psychic-savage walking bass head. -Sounds UK (FOUR STARS)

The most interesting ROIR cassette yet. Contains tracks from their live assaults, including the London Marquee in '78 when they were probably at their most psychotic. -Zig Zag UK

Suicide at its best (or worse). -Billboard Album Pick

The first real IRT-lurking move anybody had made since the Velvet Underground. Suicide's music is truly the sound of NYC for me. -Lester Bangs (from Liner Notes)

One of the half dozen most important acts in rock n' roll. They are the real thing. -Roy Trakin (Now an Editor of Hits)

Lester Bangs liner notes place Suicide in its proper historical context: A document of a force of nature - the filthy loud subway station heart of NYC. Suicide pioneered everything from synth-pop to industrial disco - low rent electronic angst-fest. Vega runs rough shod over the whirring blast of Rev's homemade synth. -Rolling Stone Record Guide

Alan Vega: Vocals
Martin Rev: Instruments

1. Harlem II (A)
2. Goin' To Las Vegas (A)
3. Love You (B)
4. Cool As Ice (B)
5. All Night Long (C)
6. Sister Ray Says (D)
7. Johnny Dance (D)
8. Space Blue (E)
9. Long Talk (E)
10. Speed Queen (E)
11. Chezazze (B)
12. Dreams (F)

Bonus Tracks:
13. All Night Long (G)
14. Sweetheart (G)
15. Scream And Shout (G)

Location & Dates:
(A)- Live CBGB 1978
(B)- Suicide Home Studio 1979
(C)- Live Horseshoe Club, Toronto 1978
(D)- Live Marquee, London 1978
(E)- Suicide Home Studio 1974/1975
(F)- Sun Dragon Studio 1975
(G)- Recorded In The United Kingdom 1978

more info: www.roir-usa.com
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56,99 zł

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