Come What May [Vinyl 1LP]

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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
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Poprzedni album Joshua Redmana pod tytułem "Still Dreaming" poświęcony został zapomnianej formacji Old and New Dreams, dowodzonej przez Deweya Redmana (ojca Joshua), którego wspierali Don Cherry, Charlie Haden i Ed Blackwell.
Teraz amerykański label Nonesuch przedstawia nową płytę kwartetu Joshua Redmana, wypełnioną premierowymi kompozycjami lidera. Saksofoniście towarzyszą pianista Aaron Goldberg, kontrabasista Reuben Rogers i drummer Gregory Hutchinson. Z tą sekcją rytmiczną Redman zna się doskonale, razem w 2001 roku nagrali doskonały album "Passage of Time". Od tego czasu upłynęło wiele wody w jazzowej Amazonce, jednak nie wpłynęło to negatywnie na poziom komunikacji pomiędzy muzykami.

Siedem autorskich kompozycji Redmana układa się w klarowną opowieść, w której znalazło się miejsce na poszarpany straightahead, klubowy funk jazz i uduchowioną balladę. Muzycy konstruują swoją narrację roztropnie mieszając dynamiczne improwizacje ze swingującymi fragmentami, stopniowo prezentując na pierwszym planie poszczególne instrumenty. Solidny fundament buduje Gregory Hutchinson, z którym Redman pracuje od początku swojej kariery, czyli od debiutanckiego albumu saksofonisty w 1993 roku, na którym obaj wystąpili. Jest on dla mnie cichym bohaterem płyty.
autor: Mateusz Matyjak
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Editors's info:
Joshua Redman Quartet’s new album, Come What May, will be released on Nonesuch Records on March 29, 2019. This is the first recording in almost two decades for this group of musicians: the recently Grammy-nominated saxophonist and his longtime friends and colleagues pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Gregory Hutchinson. Previous releases were Beyond (2000) and Passage of Time (2001). The Quartet, which has toured internationally over the last several years, recorded seven Redman tunes for Come What May.

The Guardian has called Redman “one of the 21st century’s finest jazz improvisers,” and the Boston Globe said of the group’s recent Newport Jazz Festival performance, “There was tenor Joshua Redman with his quartet, showing how to build excitement and get the crowd screaming without pressing or compromising his art.” The Joshua Redman Quartet tours internationally throughout this winter, spring, and summer; see tour dates below. Come What May is available to pre-order now from iTunes and the Nonesuch Store, where it includes an instant download of the album track “How We Do" which you can hear below; it will also stream at Spotify and Apple Music. Nonesuch Store pre-orders also include an exclusive, limited-edition print autographed by the Quartet while supplies last.

Redman recently said of Goldberg, Rogers, and Hutchinson, in Denver’s Westword newspaper, “They’re some of my favorite musicians in the world. We’ve played so much over the years and have been together on the road so much, on and off the bandstand, there’s just that sort of camaraderie and friendship and genuine love for and understanding of each other that, for me, [is] the ideal situation for making music. When you have that level of trust and empathy, both musically and personally, it allows you to be truly relaxed and free; and those are really good pre-conditions for magic to potentially happen.
Joshua Redman’s first album on Nonesuch was the Grammy-nominated Momentum (2005). His other releases on the label include Back East, Compass, and Trios Live, all of which explore the trio format; MoodSwing (1994, re-issued); Walking Shadows (2013), his first recording to include an orchestral ensemble; The Bad Plus Joshua Redman (2015), a collaboration with the acclaimed trio; Nearness (2016), a duo album with longtime friend and collaborator Brad Mehldau; and the 2018 Grammy-nominated Still Dreaming—an album inspired by his father Dewey Redman’s 1976–1987 band, Old and New Dreams.
Redman currently tours with his trio with Rogers and Hutchinson; his quartet; Still Dreaming, with Ron Miles, Scott Colley and Brian Blade; and occasionally with the collaborative group James Farm, with Aaron Parks, Matt Penman, and Eric Harland. James Farm has two releases on Nonesuch: their 2011 self-titled album and 2014’s City Folk.

Joshua Redman: tenor sax
Aaron Goldberg: piano
Reuben Rogers: bass
Gregory Hutchinson: drums

A1. Circle of Life
A2. I'll Go Mine
A3. Come What May
B1. How We Do
B3. Stagger Bear
B4. Vast

total time - 43:07
wydano: 2019-03-29
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