To Know and Not to Know

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  • Manufacturer: Tzadik (USA)
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Muzyka Współczesna/Muzyka Elektroakustyczna
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: Composer Series
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info::
A former student of Boulanger and Berio, Noah Creshevsky has been creating expressive and exhilarating electroacoustic compositions since 1971. Using an extended, all-inclusive sound palette, Creshevsky deconstructs familiar bits of words, songs and instrumentals, and reconstructs them into striking new formal aggregates. This special Tzadik release features a wide range of Creshevsky's utterly original sound world, and includes several pieces for voice and electronics. Human yet superhuman, real yet hyperreal, this is some of the most mind-bending electronic music around

Noah Creshevsky: Composer
Chris Mann: Voice
Thomas Buckner: Vocal Samples
Monique Buzzarté: Trombone
Martha Cluver: Soprano
Beth Griffith: Vocal Samples, Soprano
Zach Kurth-Nelson: Baritone
Al Margolis: Clarinet

1. Red Carpet
2. Psalmus XXIII
3. To Know and Not to Know
4. Once
5. Chamber Concerto
6. Jubilate
7. Sequenza (for trombone)
8. Independence Day
9. Free Speech

total time - 62:42
wydano: 2007-07
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