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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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HOORAY for it! From now on Jazz is not about fancy philosophical stuff: It’s about You and Me! It’s about everyday life’s little pleasures. But also about its strains and woes and oddities. So if you’re tired of all that seriousness usually happening in the domains of creative jazz and free improvised music, this record was conceived to reconcile you with those practices and everything “art-oriented” originated from the margins. Noah Punkt, Tobias Pfister and Ramón Oliveras are very clearly having fun in this collection of brief compositions, and they’re not afraid to be funny – one good example is the excavation of the legendary “Pacgirl” soundtrack. The correspondent clip you’ll find on VIMEO is a masterpiece, using old videogame images in synchronism to enhance the thrill and beauty of the „Pacgirl“. There’s plenty of jazzy licks with rock energy and resourcefulness all along, and if that combination sounds natural, it’s also always surprising. Something new is coming from the Leipzig-Zurich axis of the European jazz scene and here’s the opportunity for you to know it. A trio of electric bass, tenor sax and drums as you never heard before. . .

Tobias Pfister saxophone
Noah Punkt electric bass & composition
Ramón Oliveras drums & percussion

1) Der Kork ist leicht, die Arbeit schwer (1:27)
2) Dieter-Miguel (3:49)
3) Sömmerda (2:50)
4) Es ist spät, Toni (3:51)
5) Rummeln (4:32)
6) Pacgirl (3:17)
7) Wechseln (4:54)
8) Polizeikontrolle halb 3 (3:06)
9) Der Schmied auf Gegenspeed (3:34)
10) Pönk (3:49)
11) Jenny (3:58)

wydano: 2016-09-21
nagrano: Recorded February 20th to 22nd, 2015 at La Fonderie Studio
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