Passin' Thru

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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

opis wydawcy:
Passin’ Thru to nagrany z pasją album koncertowy, wydany z okazji 10-lecia działalności New Quartet – znakomitego kwartetu Charlesa Lloyda, w skład którego wchodzą też: pianista Jason Moran, basista Reuben Rogers oraz perkusista Eric Harland. Na krążku znalazło się siedem kompozycji Lloyda, wśród nich swingujący, radosny utwór tytułowy (po raz pierwszy nagrany w 1963 roku, kiedy Lloyd był członkiem Chico Hamilton Quintet).

Lloyd uformował swój pierwszy kwartet w 1965 roku. W jego składzie znalazły się przyszłe gwiazdy jazzu: pianista Keith Jarrett, basista Cecil McBee i perkusista Jack DeJohnette. Na przestrzeni lat, saksofonista często wracał do tego formatu, ale to właśnie powstały przed dziesięciu laty New Quartet cieszy się największą sympatią muzyka. Lloyd nazywa ten zespół “niezrównanym” i dodaje: “Żyjemy na małej planecie i wszyscy zmierzamy ku wieczności. Od czasu do czasu, nasze drogi przecinają się z naprawdę istotnych powodów. Ten kwartet z Jasonem, Reubenem i Ericem powstał w kwietniu 2007 roku. Od początku wiedziałem, że ma w sobie coś magicznego.”

Latem 2016, Lloyd zabrał New Quartet na pierwsze od kilku lat tournee. Album Passin’ Thru rozpoczyna się pierwszym utworem zagranym podczas tej trasy - “Dream Weaver”, który został zarejestrowany 30 czerwca podczas Montreux Jazz Festival. Pozostałe utwory zostały nagrane podczas wspaniałego koncertu, który zespół dał 29 lipca na The Lensic w Santa Fe. Lloyd zadedykował ten występ, podobnie jak cały album, pamięci swojej zmarłej przyjaciółki – Judith McBean (“Shiva Dreams”, który zamyka album to “modlitwa i medytacja w jej intencji.”)

Lloyd podziwia członków swojego kwartetu mówiąc, że każdy z nich bardzo rozwinął się na przestrzeni ostatnich lat, obierając nowe, nieznane dotąd kierunki. Artysta podkreśla jednak, że więź między nimi jeszcze się zacieśniła. „Lata wspólnych doświadczeń, na scenie i poza nią bardzo wzbogacają nasza muzykę. 10 lat to bardzo dużo, choć to tylko nanosekunda w skali wszechświata.”

'Passin' Thru' jest dostępny na dwóch nośnikach: CD i Vinyl 2LP

Editor's Info:
On July 14, saxophonist, flutist, composer, and jazz mystic Charles Lloyd will release his latest Blue Note offering, Passin’ Thru, a passionate live recording that marks the 10th anniversary of his acclaimed and enduring New Quartet featuring pianist Jason Moran, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Eric Harland, a simpatico unit that teems with intuition, contemplation and playfulness. The album is a dynamic seven-song collection of Lloyd compositions old and new including the swinging and gleeful title track “Passin’ Thru” (first recorded in 1963 when Lloyd was a member of the Chico Hamilton Quintet), which is available today to download or stream.

Lloyd formed his first quartet in 1965 featuring soon-to-be jazz stars pianist Keith Jarrett, bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Jack DeJohnette. Throughout his career he has returned to the quartet format, but he considers his New Quartet formed a decade ago “a landmark group nonpareil.” He elaborates: “It’s a small planet, and we are just passing through on our journey to One. Every now and then there are important intersections. This quartet with Jason, Reuben and Eric coalesced very organically in April 2007. From the notes of our first concert, I knew that it was a magical formation.”

In the summer of 2016, Lloyd reconvened the New Quartet for their first extended tour in several years. In fact, Passin’ Thru opens with the very first song performed on that tour: “Dream Weaver” recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival on June 30 (the song was originally recorded on his first quartet’s 1966 debut album of the same name). The remaining six pieces were drawn from the band’s sublime performance at The Lensic in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 29. Lloyd dedicated that concert, as well as this album, to the memory of his dear departed friend Judith McBean (the closing piece “Shiva Dreams” was “a prayer and meditation for her.”)

When asked why he chose to reexamine songs from his past on Passin’ Thru, Lloyd responds, “‘Passin’ Thru’ and ‘Dream Weaver’ are among my many children. They left home and came back. I left home and came back. When we visit with each other we find we have more stories to tell. As they have matured, I have too. When I go out now, I bring many more years of experience that I did not have as an idealistic young man.”

Lloyd marvels at how the New Quartet members “have spread their wings in different ways.” However, he adds, “when we come together as a unit, we find the music and love has only grown deeper. The bond of our shared experiences on and off the stage informs and expands the music. A span of 10 years covers a lot of territory, but in the time frame of the Universe, it is a mere nanosecond.”

All About Jazz - ocena * * * * 1/2
Admit it. You were wondering if Charles Lloyd's post-millennial quartet was no more. Am I right? We haven't really heard from that group in a while, so nobody could blame you for thinking it.

When Lloyd made the jump to Blue Note Records in 2015, his opening salvo came in the form of a six-part suite that brought him into contact with a new crew that blended Greek mysticism and jazz currents in equal parts; then, when he delivered I Long To See You (Blue Note, 2016), we were introduced to The Marvels—a guitar-centric outfit that paired him up with simpatico sound mate Bill Frisell; and finally, as the unthinkable happened when Donald Trump took office, Lloyd stood up to be counted on by adding Lucinda Williams' voice to the sound of The Marvels for a stand-alone single covering Bob Dylan's "Masters Of War."

Each and every one of those releases reaffirmed Lloyd's status as one of the great communicators and spiritual explorers of our time, but none of them featured the so-called "New Quartet" that became his post-millennial flagship ensemble. Could that band be no more? Was the start of Lloyd's Blue Note era the mark of the end of an ensemble? Both were reasonable questions to ponder, given the information above, but Lloyd has allayed our fears by giving us Passin' Thru. His New Quartet is alive and well here, celebrating ten years of magic and music with this probing and pleasing live album.

The seven songs presented on Passin' Thru are indicative of the deep connections forged between these four men over a decade of exploration. When Lloyd takes flight with pianist Jason Moran, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Eric Harland by his side, there simply are no limits. These four harness the light and move through the darkness without fear, soaring into the heavens and plumbing the depths with a tremendous sense of curiosity, confidence, and candor. With the classic "Dream Weaver" comes rubato rumbles, scampering piano abstractions, cool rivers of sound, and deep dream states; on "Part 5, Ruminations," the entire outfit charms us with responsive telepathy, Moran takes us on a trip to remember, and Lloyd meditates and gravitates; in "Nu Blues," spang-a-lang sounds settle on the dirt, bringing earthy concepts into contact with some grit and grime; and with "Shiva Prayer," Lloyd and company drink from that meditative well that they know so well, hydrating souls and spirits in the process. There's a reason that this band is one of the most celebrated ensembles of our time, and it's connected to its seemingly self-contradictory skill of knowing how to hold on and let go all at once. That gift is there to see and hear in every performance on this album. This band may just be passing through life like the rest of us, but it's most certainly made its mark in the process.

Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone, alto flute
Jason Moran: piano
Reuben Rogers: bass
Eric Harland: drums

1. Dream Weaver 17:45
2. Part 5, Ruminations 11:54
3. Nu Blues 11:51
4. How Can I Tell You 9:46
5. Tagore On The Delta 7:45
6. Passin' Thru 7:22
7. Shiva Prayer 8:24

total time - 01:14:47
wydano: 2017-07-14
nagrano: Track 1 recorded at Montreux Jazz Festival June 30, 2016
Tracks 2-7 recorded at The Lensic, Santa Fe New Mexico July 29, 2016

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