Live At The Old Absinthe House Bar...Friday Night

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Blues & Rock/Rythm & Blues
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
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Editor's info:
As I approached the club, walking down Bourbon Street, it was obvious something big was happening. People were milling around on the sidewalk, huge recording trucks blocked the street and technicians scurried about. Security was tight, all entrances were secured, and no one was being let in. Once inside the electricity was incredible. The room was dark, smokey, and packed to the rafters, record executives and management buzzed around the stage. Frank Marino's rig was ominous on the stage, and a buzz was around me as rumors that Kenny Wayne Shepherd and James Cotton were going to sit in, but they didn't believe it. When I pointed James out sitting on a back bench in the corner wearing a big smile and equally big overalls, excitement shivered through the room again. There's a unique bristling energy that builds at a big rock happening in a small heavily secured club. I found Bryan before he went on in a back hallway behind the front bar and he was pumped up, and ready to go!

Then all hell broke loose.

Get this recording and play it loud, loud, loud! Its not only the best rockin' blues night you can have, but with its special guests and inspired solos it's an entire blues festival crammed into one CD box! Like Rocky always used to say "There's a party in my pants and it's dying to get out!?

In addition to the fantastic playing on Bryan Lee Live..., a big hand has to be given to the Justin Time folks for the recording, mix and sound. Part of what makes this a truly great music package is the technical delivery. Every instrument is separated and clear, the mix is perfect! And a good thing, because Victor Spancowski on drums never misses a single beat and Al Arthur on bass never plays a note outside the pocket. Over this bottom Bryan just cuts loose. His monster guitar presence is both wild and totally under control. Equally important in this recording is the emergence of Bryan's fantastic vocals and razor sharp personality; the tough real deal with a sense of humour to match.

Bryan's guitar power live sometimes obscures his singing, but listen to Five Long Years. Bryan Lee is a mature powerful Blues singer, and it comes through loud and clear on Bryan Lee Live...

The song list is truly a hall of fame lineup. So are the performances. When James Cotton takes the stage for I Ain't Doing Too Bad and Five Long Years he doesn't just sit in, he's totally into it and Bryan draws him into a furious interchange. His work on Five Long Years is as good as it gets. Everyone is on maximum burn, and when Mark Adams, the monster keyboard force in the Jump Street 5 for years, tears into his B-3 solo at the head of Going Down to bring on Kenny Wayne (the young Louisiana Blues Rock prodigy in case you don't know), the groove is in full overdrive.

The excitement of the evening has been realized. Kenny Wayne wails at both ends of the spectrum; slow blues and hot licks. Frank Marino (formerly of Mahogany Rush) checks in with his guitar to throw another log on the bonfire. "Cadillac" Pete Rahn on harmonica is brilliant throughout. Listen to his big Little Walter sound on The Sky Is Crying and his high burn wail on Going Down. John Banks' piano work throughout the set is great and Jody Golick adds tenor licks on Walking Cane. But the night belongs to Bryan Lee.

I'll say it again, have a Blues festival in your house tonight, have a serious party, play it way loud. Bryan Lee - Live At The Old Absinthe House Bar is as good as live powerhouse blues can get! Plug in and take the wild ride.
by Quint Davis - President, Producer/ Director New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Al Artur; "Cadilac" Pete Rahn; Victor Spancowski; Mark Adams; Johe Banks; James Cotton; Frank Mariano; Kenny Wayne Shepard; Jody Golick
1. Braille Blues Daddy 6:28
2. Crosscut Saw 9:32
3. The Sky Is Crying 8:21
4. Ain't Doing Too Bad 5:19
5. Five Long Years 11:22
6. Automobile Blues 3:18
7. Going Down 6:51
8. Look on Yonder Wall 5:36
9. Key to the Highway 6:39
10. Rock Me Baby 8:17

wydano: 1997
nagrano: 1997
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