The Stream of Life

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Avant Jazz/Free Improvisation/Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui
Najnowsza płyta brazylijskiego saksofonisty, o którym DownBeat napisał:
"One of the most distinctive and imposing tenor sax voices to come along in years."
Brytyjski The Wire napisał "Ivo Perelman is undoubtedly one of the great modern tenor players, a leather-lunged monster with an expressive rasp, who can rage and spit in violence, yet still leave you feeling heartbroken."
Cadence "Perelman has a tenor tone worthy of Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins- one that is virtually unrivaled today in its purity and beauty."
Jazz Times "The world-class saxophonists to come from Brazil can be ticked off on one hand. Ivo Perelman is one of that rare breed."
Kooperacja z nowojorskim perkusistą Brianem Willsonem to niczym nieskrępowany free jazz dwóch równorzędnych partnerów, panowie porozumiewają się z ponaddźwiękową prędkością, fenomenalne nagranie!

Editor's info:
Another recording with a New York drummer Brian Willson with whom Ivo recorded before (CD LR 547 - Mind Games). In his liner notes, James Hall tries to explain the success of this partnership: "Ivo Perelman moves enthusiastically into his third decade of recording... younger than ever. There is a wholeness and authenticity to all of his recent work, a maturity that clarifies and yet grabs hold of youthful energy. Perelman has had a rich set of collaborators in recent years, but Willson's appearance is a product of some especially good karma... It's a revelation".

This recording with Dominic Duval on bass and Brian Wilson on drums marks 20th anniversary of Ivo Perelman's recording career. As Art Lange writes in his liner notes, Ivo's creative expression has been almost equally devided between the "abstract" nature of free jazz and the "roots" music of his homeland - folk song and popular music from his native Brazil. Needless to say, Ivo's music developed over these 20 years, but intensity and passion remain constant features of his identity.

Ivo Perelman: tenor saxophone
Brian Wilson: drums

1. The Stream of Life
2. Clarice
3. Agua Viva
4. French Hope
5. Murmirios
6. Vicarious Punishment
7. A Bola e o Menino
8. Timponiana
9. After the Third Wall
10. Juntos Para Sempre
11. Shaky

wydano: 2010-05-20
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