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Since he started doing performance in 1988 with the New Elementals in Dallas, Texas, SCOTT GIBBONS has written several soundtracks, dance pieces and sound installations for art galleries. He took a double major in Philosophy and Religious studies and a AM in History of Religions. His field is music as it relates to the religious experience and (in this context) contributed to altereted states of consciousness. SCOTT GIBBONS concentrates his musical activities to LILITH at the "Disciple Divinity House of the University of Chicago". He became since a few years a reference to all the english Dark Ambiant Scene.

This is the third album of the group on our label. Redwing explore with Rachel Wilson 's voice, the deep power of the sexual energy. All the record is based on the micro-phenomena manipulation of her voice. This recordings based on vital cycles of the human being create effectively a net of hot points in the center of the body. sexually effective. listen in the dark. not alone.

Redwing Pt. 1 (22:51)

1.a Vemme
1.b O Kir Guaff
1.c Port Oscis
1.d Mother Refeji
1.e The Dirling Doon
1.f Gingem
1.g Get Insideofme

Redwing Pt. 2 (22:57)

2.a Tansdoro
2.b Or Tin I Hould
2.c Sati
2.d An Haac
2.e Bloden Tacon Done (Virgin-Again)
2.f Or Toun A Hould
2.g Aphold
2.h Hero Bitch Yungaroo
2.i An Depht Freen
2.j In A Deen/
2.k /Vemme

Redwing Pt. 3 (23:11)

3.a Gur-Grisolle
3.b The Toy Pen
3.c Then Dow
3.d Pass Under Soff
3.e Better Than It's Hurt

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