Henryk Górecki: String Quartets [2CD]

  • Kod: CDA67812
  • Producent: Hyperion (UK)
  • Wykonawca: Royal String Quartet
  • Nośnik: 2CD
  • Instrument lidera: violin
  • Kompozytor: Henryk Mikołaj Górecki [1933-2010]
  • Cena: 58,99 zł
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Współczesna Muzyka Klasyczna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Polska
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
Henryk Górecki’s intriguing string quartets, all commissions from the Kronos Quartet of San Francisco, signified a new creative phase in his music. The stark contrasts that had been at the heart of Górecki’s compositional thinking in the 1950s and 1960s re-emerged in his chamber music of the mid 1980s and are prevalent in these works. Fans of Górecki will be familiar with the compositional devices employed such as open fifths, sustained rocking motifs, and the juxtaposition of dissonance and consonance.

In these distinctive quartets both Beethoven and Szymanowski’s well documented influences on the composer are apparent as well as his fascination with the folk cultures of Southern Poland, with the frequent incorporation of folk-derived themes.

Following their acclaimed release of the Szymanowski/Rózycki String Quartets (CDA67684) the Royal String Quartet return for their second Hyperion recording. The young Polish Quartet, renowned for the championing of music from their homeland, display an astonishing range of colour, finesse and attack in these intelligent interpretations.

Izabella Szałaj-Zimak: I Skrzypce
Elwira Przybylowska: Ii Skrzypce
Marek Czech: Altówka
Michał Pepol: Wiolonczela

1. Already it is dusk 'String Quartet No 1' Op 62 [15'43]

Quasi una fantasia 'String Quartet No 2' Op 64 [33'02]
2. Largo sostenuto, mesto [7'49]
3. Deciso, energico, marcatissimo sempre [6'57]
4. Arioso: Adagio cantabile ma molto espressivo e molto appassionato [8'00]
5. Allegro sempre con grande passione e molto marcato [10'16]

… songs are sung 'String Quartet No 3' Op 67 [55'52]
6. Adagio, molto andante, cantabile [11'11]
7. Largo cantabile [12'55]
8. Allegro sempre ben marcato [4'51]
9. Deciso, espressivo ma ben tenuto [12'24]
10. Largo, tranquillo [14'31]

wydano: 2011
more info: www.hyperion-records.co.uk
more info2: www.royalstringquartet.pl

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