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Jewish / Klezmer Music / Ethno Jazz
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: Radical Jewish Culture
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
A wild klezmer/rock fusion by this crazed band of Paris-born punk rockers. Led by the extraordinary young guitarist David Konopnicki, Autoryno hits with a hardedged sound and an exciting musical imagination. Full of youthful energy, massive guitar and centered by a powerful beat, they present eleven instrumentals that combine the power of rock with a taste of Jewish tradition. With Eyal Maoz, Jon Madof, Yoshie Fruchter and a handful of others, David is spearheading a New Jewish Rock Music that has passion, intensity, honesty and a fresh open sound.

Bertrand Delorme: Bass
Cyril Grimaud: Drums
David Konopnicki: Fretless And Fretted Guitars

Special Guests
Loic Audureau: Accordion
Florent Mery: Clarinet

1. Ouverture Automatique
2. Malossol
3. Crapaud
4. Kelev
5. Traditional Hora
6. Five Flavors
7. Highway to Stertziv
8. Les Anges (Otto Theme)

total time - 48:24
wydano: 2010
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66,99 zł

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