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Survive The Gesture

  • Codice: SR70
  • Produttore: Sub Rosa (BE)
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Avant rock / Muzyka alternatywna
seria wydawnicza: Soundworks
opakowanie: plastikowe etuiHISTORY
After the dissolution of the extraordinary and mythical THIS HEAT and the split of the uncomprehended THE CAMBERWELL NOW, Charles Hayward, the frontman of these groups, composer, singer, drummer (one of England's most extraodinary), keyboardist...finally records his first solo album: SURVIVE THE GESTURE.

Back in 1988 Charles presented a collection of songs in the finest English vein (from XTC to Robert Wyatt). Long time out of stock, SURVIVE THE GESTURE was digitally remastered and is now issued on Sub Rosa, who are in this occasion proud to present on its catalogue everything Charles Hayward has realised under in name.

Nobody will be able to resist Australia, the final song of the album, which Charles thinks of his friend who has set out to try his fortune on another continent and sings

And now he sleeps through our days,
Dreamtime while we work,
And he spends Chrismas Day in the sunshine...

Charles Hayward - vocals, instruments; Dave Powell - tuba; Lew Evans - piano, vocal; Lesley Evans - accordion; Trefor Goronwy - bass guitar
1. Make Believe
2. Let's Pretend
3. North Southwark
4. Pretend To Believe
5. Crystal Palace
6. This Misunderstanding
7. You And Me
8. Time And Motion
9. That Distant Light
10. Australia

wydano: 1987
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