Francesco Cavalli: Vespero delle domeniche

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Recorded: Auditorium 'B Manenti' - S Bernardino Church, Crema, Italy

In the history of 17th-century Italian music, Francesco Cavalli is a central figure. In addition to opera, he showed his talent as a composer also in the field of sacred music, though the number of sacred works that has come down to us is relatively small, for the times.

Shortly before his death, in 1675, Cavalli gave the printer Gardano of Venice a collection of 'Vespero a 8 voci', dedicated to the Doge Niccolo Sagredo. The collection consists of three different vespers: the 'Vespero della Beata Vergine Maria', with 5 psalms and the Magnificat; the 'Vespero delle domeniche', with 13 psalms and the Magnificat; and the 'Vespero delli cinque laudate' (Dynamic CDS 520), with 4 psalms and the Magnificat.

Unlike the other two vespers in the 1675 edition, the Vespero delle Domeniche were not conceived for a specific feast but as a copious 'reserve' from which to draw for the vespers of the ordinary Sundays (per annum).

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Claudio Monteverdi Choir of Crema & La Pifarescha, Bruno Gini

wydano: 2015

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