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Monday 18th July sees the release of "Honeycomb", Frank Black's first solo effort since 1996's "The Cult of Ray". The Americana-flavored album was recorded at Dan Penn's Better Songs and Gardens studio in Nashville, TN over a four-day period in April, 2004, a few days before the Pixies kicked off their very first reunion tour date. "Honeycomb" features some of the most celebrated players in music: Steve Cropper, Buddy Miller and Reggie Young on guitars, drummers Chester Thompson, Anton Fig, Billy Block, and Akil Thompson, David Hood on bass, and Spooner Oldham on keyboards, among others. "Honeycomb" was produced by Jon Tiven (Wilson Pickett, B.B. King, Robert Plant) who also worked with Black on his 1994 "Headache" EP.

"It was wonderful to have these incredible musicians poking fun at my non-Nashville chord progressions," said Black. "And then give me a wink after a take to let me know that they approved and enjoyed it. I was so lucky to have them playing on this album."

Black wrote all but three of the fourteen songs on "Honeycomb", the exceptions being covers of "Dark End of the Street" (Dan Penn & Chips Moman), "Song of the Shrimp" (Roy Bennett & Sid Tepper) from the Elvis Presley film "Girls, Girls Girls,") and "Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day" (Doug Sahm). Some of the original Black compositions on "Honeycomb" include "I Burn Today", "My Life is in Storage", "Atom In My Heart", "Another Velvet Nightmare" (co-written with Reid Paley), "Go Find Your Saint" and "Violet".

Those involved with the making of "Honeycomb" agree that it was a tremendous music experience. According to producer Tiven, "We spent more time having fun and charting the songs than we did with the actual recording; most of the songs were done in one or two takes." The "Honeycomb" sessions also marked the first time that many of these veteran musicians, whose collective histories are entrenched at Stax Records, Muscle Shoals and American Studios - the three studios synonymous with Southern soul music - had played together. "This was the only time that I have ever been in a studio and had the strange feeling that I was witnessing something spiritual," Black remembered. "When we were recording, those guys didn't even look at each other, they closed their eyes and THEY MEANT IT. I have never recorded with people who meant what they played so much.

"I can say without a doubt that the Honeycomb session was the most moving and mind-blowing experience I've ever had in my musical career. Steve Cropper co-wrote the first rock'n'roll song that I ever sang in front of an audience ("In The Midnight Hour"). It was a pure pleasure to come full circle with Mr. Cropper."

As the vocalist/songwriter for one of the most influential bands to emerge from the '80s - Pixies - Frank Black is unique and celebrated in his talent to blend punk and indie guitar, surf rock and Beatles-esque music with bizarre lyrics about everything from religion to pop culture. Just prior to Pixies' 1993 breakup, Black began his solo career, and since then has released nine albums as either a solo artist or as Frank Black and the Catholics. Last year, Pixies got back together for a one of the most anticipated reunions in ages, one that SPIN named "The Comeback of the Year."

1. Selkie Bride
2. I Burn Today
3. Lone Child
4. Another Velvet Nightmare
5. Dare End Of The Street
6. Go Find Your Saint
7. Song Of The Shrimp
8. Strange Goodbye
9. Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
10. Honeycomb
11. My Life Is In Storage
12. Atom In My Street
13. Violet
14. Sing For Joy

wydano: 18-07-05
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