Get Well Soon [Hybrid SACD]

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  • Produttore: Challenge Jazz
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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA

Editor's info:
After the tremendous succes of o.a.Waltzing with Zoe (CHR 70081) Brookmeyer shows here with his third album on Challenge Jazz that he still has got the New Art Orchestra in his hands, no more than that, in his head, everywhere… The young German trumpet player Till Brönner is a lovely extra element of swing within the NAO.
Why a new album with Brookmeyer and the NAO is obvious when we read the following lines of Mr. Brookmeyer: “It has been my good fortune to become associated with an incredible group of people - they love what they do, they thrive on their friendships and they give everything they have to me and my music.A friend told me: "You have found the perfect instrument for your music.", and he is right. What he couldn't know is the love and heart and friendship these 18 people give to me and to each other. I have never experienced anything like it.Thank you, my dear friends.”

conductor & trombone Bob Brookmeyer
guest soloist Till Brönner
reeds Marko Lackner, Oliver Leicht, Paul Heller, Niels van Haften, Edgar Herzog
trumpets Thorsten Benkenstein, Torsten Maaß, Sebastian Strempel, Eckhard Baur, Aneel Soomary
trombones Steve Trop, Christian Jaksjo
basstrombones Anders Wiborg, Ed Partyka
synthesizer Hendrik Soll
piano Kris Goessens
bass Ingmar Heller
drums John Hollenbeck

1. Tah-DUM! (05:45)
2. Monster Rally (10:21)
3. For You (07:45)
4. Over Here (08:11)
5. Interlude # 1 (02:08)
6. Lovely (04:46)
7. 'Song, Sing, Sung' (08:10)
8. Interlude # 2 (01:27)
9. Elegy (09:24)
10. Get Well Soon (07:33)

wydano: 2003-09-01

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