Birrat birra [2CD]

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Avant Pop/Muzyka alternatywna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Finlandia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's Info:
Folk Music Award winner in to categories, "Most innovative Folk Music" and "Open Class".

The highly acclaimed Niko Valkeapää released his third album summer 2008. He has brought together some of the most creative and exiting Norwegian musicians on his double CD "Birrat Birra". Together they create a musical world where jazz and modern sounds meet Sami magic.

“Round and round I go - I'm joiking my joy" Niko Valkeapää sings in the title track “Birrat Birra" ("Round and round").

The 40 old has now become a full grown and modern singer and poet.

Mari Boine shows up as a guest on "the new Saami Anthem".The song "Gula Sámi" is based on the Saami poet/teacher/politician Isak Saba's old words for "The Song of the Saami People" ("Samefolkets sang") and the melody is Boine's "Gula gula" - the song that made her world known in the mid 80's.

A long row of Norwegian great musicians contribute on Niko Valkeapää's new album which allready has been held up as a "musical masterpiece "

Helge Andreas Norbakken: drums and percussion (Maria Joao, Mari Boine)
Gjermund Silset: double bass (Sissel Kyrkjebo)
Stale Storlokken: keyboards (Supersilent)
Per Willy Aaserud: trumpet
Birger Mistereggen: marimba
Tom Rudi Torjussen: drums and percussion (Jim Stärk)
Helge Harstad: electric bass and barytone guitar
Georg Buljo: guitars, percussion, keyboards and backing vocals (Mari Boine)
Ole Jorn Myklebust: Xaphoon (Mari Boine)
Gaute Solas: tenorsaxophone
Gunnar Augland: percussion
Harald Skullerud: percussion
Ole Andreas Olafsrud: percussion
Andreas Eriksen: percussion

1. Muitu (Wiping Out Memory) 5:13
2. Galggango? (Where Do I Lay My Flowers?) 3:29 1,19 €
3. Geahcan Du (I See You) 4:46
4. Okta Ráhkisvuohta (One Love) 3:43
5. Oaidnaletne (See You On The Other Side Of The World) 4:42
6. Gorzi (Waterfall) 3:48
7. Gula Sámi (The Saami Anthem) 3:54
8. Birrat Birra (Round And Round) 7:02

1. Moddját (Smile) 3:16
2. Albma (From Place To Place) 5:36
3. Suddon (Snow-Blind) 4:30
4. Doiddán Calmmiid (I Rinse My Eyes In Beauty) 9:46
5. Álki (It'S Easy To Say) 7:20
6. Ceavccegeadgi 3:33
7. Mearra (The Sea) 9:44

wydano: 2009
nagrano: 2008
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