Twang & Tambourines

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Indie Pop / Avant Pop / Muzyka alternatywna
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A large outdoors stage, a girl – naked from the waist up – arms raised over her head and a sticker on her stomach reading, “Remember Culpepper’s Orchard”.

Culpepper’s Orchard headed by lead vocalist Cy Nicklin performs energetically for the large audience, and the young blond kid on guitar, plays power solo after power solo. We are back in the summer of 1971, and the guitarist is Nils Henriksen, at age 23 one of the hottest Danish guitarists of the day.

Nils Henriksen is still an outstanding persona on the Danish music scene, and November 18 marks the release of his first solo album, TWANG & TAMBOURINES. Five instrumentals and four songs, written and recorded in his home studio.

Nils Henriksen says, “I hadn’t really thought about releasing an album, but the digital development led the way, because I have had the opportunity to fiddle with the recordings in Home Sweet Home Studios, where I played all the instruments myself except for a little keyboard help from Morten Karsa on a couple of tunes.”

In 1972 Nils Henriksen left Culpepper’s Orchard to form Moirana, and later he became the regular guitarist for several of Denmark’s leading songwriters and the preferred producer for numerous Danish stars.

“When I started out in Culpepper’s and Moirana, I used to contribute tunes to our repertoires, but later I sort of got away from it. But on TWANG & TAMBOURINES I focused on composing. The album features instrumental tracks and a handful of pop and rock songs. Writing felt good, it’s something I have neglected when producing and playing guitar for other artists. Pop music is a major part of my background - and definitely nothing I’m ashamed of – and I wanted the pop influence to be represented here. People can decide for themselves if it’s a guitar album or a pop record – as far as I’m concerned it all merges together.”

Not surprisingly, guitarist and producer Nils Henriksen’s solo debut features a lot of guitar: a lot of twang, rock and pop axe. Vocals are by Michael Kolster, Anders Blichfeldt, Julie Skovgaard and Martin Clante.

Nils Henriksen – all instruments
Morten Karsa – add. keyboards
Michael Kolster, Anders Blichfeldt, Julie Skovgaard, Martin Clante – vocals

1. Diamonds
2. It’s Not My Party
3. Stock Cars
4. The Sun Will Keep You Warm
5. Legend Avenue
6. Here Comes The Night
7. Heatwave
8. I’d Rather Have You
9. Lisbeth

total time - 40:20
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