Scarlet Silhouettes

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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
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Editor's info:
Withering Surface's first release "Scarlet Silhouettes" was followed by a very powerful sounding demo called "Unique". Only one song from "Unique" was remastered for their first release which was "Behind The Other Side", however with that remaster in mind, this album has special qualities and a bunch of fresh tracks that really sets the tone for this band. Better production allows the instruments to flow throughout this record as well as enhance the vocal power of singer Michael Andersen who switches between harsh death metal growls with banshee like screams. Lyrical themes are very unique to say the least, as depressed ballods such as "...And She Blossomed" (which featured guest vocals), "Majestic Mistress", "Farewell", "Your Shadow My Shelter" really show the bands catchy nature. Lots of great guitarwork all over this record as we would expect from a Melodic Death Band, the first title track 'Scarlet Sillouettes", and "BeautyBeast" show very strong guitar techniques which very much fits into the style very well. I also enjoy the keyboards as well, as they bring great atmopshere throughout this release. All in all I have to say this is their best and most motivated album, and I feel fortunate to have some of their influences in my own guitar style.

Kaspar Boye-Larsen: bass
Jakob Gundel: drums
Allan Tvedebrink: guitar
Heintz Schultz: guitar
Gabriella Kayse: keyboards
Michael H. Andersen: vocals

1. Scarlet Silhouettes
2. Beautybeast
3. Breathing Purple
4. A Lily White Sign
5. ...And She Blossomed,
6. Farewell
7. Behind The Other Side
8. Pitiful Embels
9. Your Shadow, My Shelter

10. Fading Mask
11. Whorebride-Live

wydano: 2010
49,99 zł
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