Glorious & Idiotic

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  • Wykonawca: Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
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Avant rock
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The Jazz Butcher helmed by Pat Fish, the Jazz Butcher himself (a.k.a. Butcher), is one of the longest running and most popular cult bands in Britain, having recorded some fifteen albums since itOs founding in Oxford, England in 1982. Most of these albums are no longer available and the cry on the Internet from the many international JB fan sites is "Release the Butcher!"

Glorious and Idiotic is the first new JB release in five years and there are lots of devoted fans waiting for it. It has all the ingredients that have made the Jazz Butcher unique: vitriolic lyrics, humorous critiques, keen wit, eclectic and eccentric musical individuality, deceptive whimsy, lighthearted restlessness, lots of mirth, merriment, pathos and quirky insights. Basically, "dirty pop." The archetypical British eccentric band loaded with melodic gifts.

The Jazz Butcher recorded this in February 1999 in Hamburg, Germany immediately prior to their sell out Spring USA tour. A twenty city USA tour is now scheduled commencing April 2000.

"Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) is one of the most brilliant incisive pop writers that Britain has produced since the glory days of Ray Davies and Pete Townsend. Commercially overlooked by a media obsessed by the next big thing instead of what is actually good. A truly great songwriter." - Alan McGee, President, Creation Records

Pat Fish: Fender Telecaster, Singing
Max Eider: Gretsch Double Anniversary, Singing
Pat Beirne: Harmonicas
Clemens K: Bass
Curtis E. Johnson: Percussion on "Baby It's You"

1. Partytime
2. Raking Up Leaves
3. Just Like Betty Page
4. Baby It's You
5. The Human Jungle
6. Who Loves You Now?
7. D.R.I.N.K.
8. Rain
9. Old Snakey
10. Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
11. The Long Night Starts
12. Bigfoot Motel
13. Roadrunner

more info: www.roir-usa.com
more info2: www.jazzbutcher.com

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