See Me Ridin'

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Avant rock
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Suicide (Marty Rev and Alan Vega) were primal Americana, pure electricity, neon-lit minimalists lurking at the outer edges of New York art rock nexus. They used the disturbing buzz and hum of early electronics to co-opt the ecstatic throb of rockabilly and the low moan of country blues turned into urban narratives that were tragic at best, and usually mind-numbing nihilistic. They took people by surprise.

Suicide was there in the beginning - the loft scene of the late '60s / early '70s! Their first flyer poster "Punk Music by Suicide" was plastered all over the East Side of New York City several years before punk happened.

They were booed in NY and booted off the stage in Brussels. "To get that music through was almost like stepping into a boxing ring getting ready to fight. People would be leaping up on stage and I'd be playing with one hand and trying to protect myself with the other. People felt confronted because we took them by surprise." - Martin Rev, 1995

The surprise continues. When you listen to Martin Rev's new "See Me Ridin'" think: David Lynch, Buddy Holly, Chet Baker, Phil Spector, Bubble Gum Rock, Teen Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Mr. Rogers, Dr. Suess, Retro-Nuevo, Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Legendary Pink Dots!

"Sixteen short but tasty songs...that use a formula of almost lounge-like singing over a spare background of cheap Casino keyboards and cheesy drum machines that blend together to form some outstanding minimalist pop music. It takes a few listens to get past the overt sweetness that immediately hits you, but once the songs sink in, not unlike listening to the Magnetic Fields, you begin to recognize that Rev may just have something here." - Endangered Species

"Martin Rev is way more new wave than the Rentals can ever hope to be. He was on fire in Suicide and he's still smoldering." - Great God Pan

"The instrumental half of influential techno-industrial duo Suicide is a Talmudic scholar and a soundscape sculptor whose shimmering, shattering wall of Stockhausen-meets-Chuck Berry electronic keybs anticipated the likes of NIN and Ministry. Think Phil Spector conducting the Star Wars Cantina Band. Far Out." - Hits

"Rev sings with a voice that sounds like it's inhaling a different type of air than we are- not helium, but something that definitely gets the vocal cords vibrating at unusual frequencies, so he sounds like he should be eight inches tall and blue." - More Than Music

1. See Me Ridin' Pillars
2. I Heard Your Name
3. No One Knows
4. Be Mine
5. Ten Two
6. Small Talk
7. Secret Teardrops
8. I Made You Cry
9. Here We Go
10. Mari Go Round
11. Hop And Scotch
12. Told The Moon
13. Yours Tonight
14. Tell Me Why
15. Post Card

more info: www.roir-usa.com

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