Screamin' The Blues

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  • Wykonawca: Oliver Nelson
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: saxophones
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
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Editor's Info:
Composer and saxophonist Oliver Nelson holds to his usual high caliber of writing and playing on 1960's SCREAMIN' THE BLUES. Five of the six cuts are penned by Nelson (including the breakneck "Alto-Itis" and the soul-jazz influenced "The Meetin'")
All the tunes mine a solid, blues-based bop feel, with memorable themes and plenty of room for the musicians to stretch out. Nelson's sax work is quite strong, his bright tone and uncluttered, lyrical approach soar over tight-knit backing from Roy Haynes (drums), George Duvivier (bass), and Richard Wyands (piano).

However, it is the presence of lead horns Richard Williams (trumpet) and the incomparable Eric Dolphy (on alto sax and bass clarinet) that really distinguishes SCREAMIN' THE BLUES. Williams's technique (which owes a lot to Dizzy Gillespie) offers a nice tonal contrast to the complex interplay between Nelson and Dolphy. But while Nelson holds his own, Dolphy's elastic lines, witty interpolations, and stunningly fluid acrobatics ultimately steal the show.

Originally released on New Jazz (8243).

George Duvivier: bass
Oliver Nelson: alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Richard Williams: trumpet
Richard Wyands: piano
Roy Haynes: drums
Eric Dolphy: bass clarinet, alto saxophone

1. Screamin' the Blues
2. March On, March On
3. Drive, The
4. Meetin', The
5. Three Seconds
6. Alto-Itis

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