30 Seconds Over Dc

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Original Liner Notes 1978

Read here for real genuine liner notes: . . . The original rock heyday for
the DC area seemed to hit in the mid-sixties along with the first British wave.
Groups such as the Chartbusters, Hangmen, and British Walkers produced
numerous singles which were heard often on the top 40 stations like WPGC, and one or
two even cracked the national charts but the Vietnam era indirectly reverted
DC back into the conservative government-town 9 to 5 doldrums which seemed to
stifle artistic creation and late night entertainment. The increasing
complexity of the record industry forced many bands to the realization that to be
"discovered" they'd have to move to New York or the west coast. Recently, many of
the local club owners remain contented plodding along with that dinosaur,
Heavy Metal, or have gone for the easy trend bucks supplied by John Revolta clones
and that dreaded social disease, disco music. The one club in town which
"stumbled" across New Wave music lost its integrity and has sunk to its depths
like its namesake. But local musicians have found an ally in WGTB FM, which has
been eager to air New Wave music and help promote a local scene. This sampler
reflects the positive air in the DC area regarding New Wave music. The 16
tracks represent a cross section of the talent here, and your ownership of this
album shows your support and involvement in the D.Cene. Stay Limp! ---David Howcroft & Pugsley Dog

Liner Notes 2004

25 years ago, New Wave in the Washington DC area was gasoline on the ground
waiting for someone to toss a lit cigarette onto it. My store in Rockville MD,
Yesterday And Today Records, and Bill Asp's Virginia Record & Tape Exchange
were the only outlets for the records and very few local clubs were interested
in booking new acts. Dave Howcroft, who wrote the original liner notes for this
record, had a show on WGTB-FM called the "Pugsley Dog Hour" that championed
the new music from the UK, NY, and the West Coast, with side trips to Akron &
Cleveland. The show brought in a number of the artists on the album; many
others were customers of Y&T. Howie Horowitz from the Music Machine in Baltimore
supplied Jad & David Fair with their first effort as Half Japanese. Many of the
bands were one shots, some went on to other bands, some went to jail and did
not pass Go. The album is a reflection of a scene at a moment in time and
stands as a musical legacy a quarter century later. I typed the original song and
musician credits with two fingers, dymo-labeled the thanks (George Hoen please
forgive me), and was thrilled to have Kim Kane from the Slickee Boys do the
front artwork as well as the label design. It was the first album on my label,
Limp, but not the last. :30 Over DC came out in 1978 on vinyl and here it is
again all these years later on CD - a valid work today ... honest!! --Skip Groff 2004

The Penetrators; The Rudiments; Mock Turtle; Slickee Boys; The Chumps; Billy Synth; Jeff Dahl; 1/2 Japanese; White Boy; The Nurses; Mark Hoback; Judies Fixation; Tina Peel; Young Turds; Da Moronics; Raisinets
1. The Penetrators - "The Break"
2. The Rudiments - "Imagination"
3. Mock Turtle - "Thank You for Sending Me an Eno"
4. Slickee Boys - "Attitude"
5. The Chumps - "Jet Lag Drag"
6. Billy Synth - "Every Time You Give Me a Call"
7. Jeff Dahl - "Get Up 'N Dance"
8. 1/2 Japanese - "I Want Something New"
9. White Boy - "I Hate"
10. The Nurses - "I Can Explain"
11. Mark Hoback - "No Fun"
12. Judies Fixation - "Martyr Me"
13. Tina Peel - "Knocking Down Guard Rails"
14. Young Turds - "Murder One"
15. Da Moronics - "Mr. President"
16. Raisinets - "Stay Limp"

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