Essential Recordings 1955-62

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swing / neo-swing
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Editor's info:
BURT BACHARACH Essential Recordings 1955-1962 - A multi-faceted composer, the great Burt Bacharach (born in 1928, he is 88 at this writing) has enjoyed major hits in numerous musical styles, including Top-40, pop, soul, R&B, jazz, bossa-nova, country, and movie soundtracks. He has also collaborated with a host of major lyricists, including Hal David and Bob Hilliard. Bacharach was named the 'greatest living composer' by the Grammy panel that gave him a lifetime achievement award in 2008. This superb 60-track, 3-CD set contains Bacharach's most essential and enduring works from the beginning of his career, gathering the great sides he composed between 1955 and 1962. Included here are classics like Dionne Warwick's 'Don't Make Me Over,' Gene Pitney's 'Only Love Can Break a Heart,' Tommy Hunt's 'I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself,' and The Shirelles' 'Baby It's You,' to name just a few.

1. Don't Make Me Over (Dionne Warwick)
2. The Breaking Point (Chuck Jackson)
3. Tower Of Strength (Gene McDaniels)
4. Keep Away From Other Girls (Helen Shapiro)
5. Forgive Me [For Giving You Such A Bad Time] (Babs Tino)
6. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (Tommy Hunt)
7. Only Love Can Break A Heart (Gene Pitney)
8. The Story Of My Life (Michael Holliday)
9. Dream Big (Sonny James)
10. Crazy Times (Gene Vincent)
11. Sea Of Heartbreak (Don Gibson)
12. The Blob (The Five Blobs)
13. The Answer To Everything (Del Shannon)
14. Three Friends [Two Lovers] (The Turbans)
15. Baby It's You (The Shirelles)
16. Mexican Divorce (The Drifters)
17. Sittin' In A Tree House (Marty Robbins)
18. I Looked For You (Charlie Gracie)
19. Wishing And Hoping (Dionne Warwick
20. Magic Moments (Perry Como)

1. Warm And Tender (Johnny Mathis)
2. Long After Tonight Is All Over (Jimmy Radcliffe)
3. Anonymous Phone Call (Bobby Vee)
4. We're Only Young Once [Yeh, Yeh, Yeh] (The Avons)
5. The Miracle Of St. Marie (The Four Coins)
6. Loving Is A Way Of Living (Steve Lawrence)
7. Waitin' For Charlie [To Come Home] (Etta James)
8. Love In A Goldfish Bowl (Tommy Sands)
9. Hot Spell (Margaret Whiting)
10. The Love Of A Boy (Timi Yuro)
11. Make It Easy On Yourself (Jerry Butler)
12. That's Not The Answer (Vi Velasco)
13. Wastin' Away For You (The Russells)
14. [You Don't Have To Be] A Tower Of Strength (Gloria Lynne)
15. Any Day Now [My Wild, Beautiful Bird] (Chuck Jackson)
16. My Heart Is An Open Book (Carl Dobkins, Jr.)
17. Donne - Moi
18. This Empty Place (Dionne Warwick)
19. Loneliness Or Happiness (The Drifters)
20. [It's] Wonderful To Be Young (Cliff Richard)

1. With Open Arms (Jane Morgan)
2. You're Telling Our Secrets (Dee Clark)
3. Sag Mir Wo De Blumen Sind (Marlene Dietrich)
4. Don't Envy Me (Joey Powers)
5. Three Wheels On My Wagon (Dick Van Dyke)
6. Along Came Joe (Merv Griffin)
7. Dreamin' All The Time (Jack Jones)
8. Johnny Get Angry (Joannie Sommers)
9. Paradise Island (The Four Aces)
10. Moon Man (Gloria Lambert)
11. These Desperate Hours (Mel Torme)
12. Faker, Faker (The Eligibles)
13. [There Goes] The Forgotten Man (Jimmy Radcliffe)
14. Deeply (The Shepherd Sisters)
15. Manpower (The Exotics)
16. Take Me To Your Ladder [I'll See Your Leader Later] (Buddy Clinton)
17. Wild Honey (Cathy Carr)
18. Roseanne [piano] (Burt Bacharach)
19. Errand Of Mercy (George Hamilton)
20. I Smiled Yesterday (Dionne Warwick)

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