John Zorn: Arcana VII. Musicians on Music [Książka/Paperback]

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Avant Jazz / Współczesna Kameralistyka/Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: Book Series
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Editor's info:
The acclaimed Arcana series, now in its seventh installment, is a small step toward educating the interested listener about the inner workings of the artistic process and is a major source on new music theory and practice in the 21st century. Rather than an attempt to reduce, distill or define a musician’s work, Arcana illuminates via personal vision and experience through the words of the practitioners themselves. Essential for composers, musicians, students and fans alike, this challenging and original series provides insight into the work, mind and methodologies of some of the most remarkable creative minds of our time.

The most varied collection to date, Arcana VII includes personal essays by New Music luminaries Pat Metheny, Bryce Dessner, Irvine Arditti, Thurston Moore, Kenny Werner, Eugene Chadbourne, and David Krakauer alongside articles on musical theory and practice by veterans Joe Morris, Matt Shipp, Ben Goldberg, Ches Smith, George Steel, Billy Martin, Hilda Paredes and Gloria Coates and insightful new views by young master musicians Chris Otto, James Moore, Theresa Wong, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Jay Campbell, Du Yun, James Ilgenfritz, Chuck Bettis, Aya Nishina and many others. A kaleidoscope of manifestoes, scores, interviews, critical papers, musical studies, rants, raves and more, Arcana VII is a fascinating compendium from first word to last.

Chuck Bettis
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Rob Burger
Eugene Chadbourne
Gloria Coates
Jacques Demierre
Bryce Dessner
Ben Goldberg
Tim Keiper
David Krakauer
Jon Madof
Billy Martin
Raz Mesinai
Thurston Moore
Aya Nishina
Ches Smith
Theresa Wong
Irvine Arditti
Jay Campbell
James Ilgenfritz
Travis Just
Pat Metheny
James Moore
Joe Morris
Michael Nicolas
Aaron Novik
Chris Otto
Hilda Paredes
Joshua Rubin
Dave Scanlon
Matt Shipp
George Steel
Kent Tritle
Kenny Werner
Du Yun
Jeffrey Zeigler

John Zorn: The baby's flying circus
Irvine Arditti: Hardcore electronics
Chuck Bettis: Abraxas tour 2014
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: The overdub
Rob Burger: Basic organization of pitch and time in Pierre Boulez's Messagesquisse
Jay Campbell: The walks and the tapes
Eugene Chadbourne: Synchronicities
Gloria Coates: Jacques Demierre in conversation with Giullaume Belhomme
Jacques Demierre: A whole lot of sorrow
Bryce Dessner: What do I mean when I tell you a story
Du Yun: Twelve minor
Ben Goldberg: Sound idenity
James Ilgenfritz: After opera
Travis Just: The music made me do it
Tim Keiper: In search of my own sound
David Krakauer: Destroy your idols
Jon Madof: Undrumming in the omnisphere
Billy Martin: Sketches from Soundßoy Manifesto
Raz Mesinai: The audience
Pat Metheny: Sonorous or exquisite corpses
James Moore: Free notes
Thurston Moore: Encryption
Joe Morris: On music, memory, machines
Michael Nicolas: Communal symmetry in ancient music
Aya Nishina: Secrets of "secrets of secrets"
Aaron Novik: Into the abyss of 1/[infinity symbol]
Chris Otto: Cultural roots
Hilda Paredes: The slow etude
Joshua Rubin: Music as an art of touch
Dave Scanlon: Tour diary for my European piano sutras solo piano tour
Matt Shipp: We all break
Ches Smith: George Steel in conversation with John Zorn
George Steel: On a life in music
Kent Tritle: Random composition
Kenny Werner: Invisible sculpture
Theresa Wong: Let's face it, I should never have been a cellist
Jeffrey Zeigler: About the musicians

total time - 348 pages
wydano: 2014-09
more info: www.tzadik.com

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