John Zorn: The Concealed

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  • Производитель: Tzadik (USA)
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Jewish / Ethno Jazz / Surf Jazz / Downtown scene
premiera polska:
Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

seria wydawnicza: Archival Series
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Nova Quartet (John Medeski, piano; Kenny Wollesen, vibes; Trevor Dunn, bass; Joey Barron, drums) plus wiolonczelista Erik Friedlander i skrzypek Mark Feldman w nagraniu dorównującym płytom Masada Chamber Ensemble "The Circle Maker - Zevulum + Issachar".

Czternaście premierowych, koronkowych kompozycji utrzymanych przeważnie w spokojnym, balladowym klimacie pulsuje podskórnie olbrzymią energią.
Są chwile, gdy melancholijne, inspirowane 'folklorem' żydowskim tematy przeradzają się w energiczne improwizacje, osadzone we wspaniałej tradycji nowojorskiej sceny downtown.
Krzysztof Zalewski w recenzji płyty Masada Chamber Ensemble "Bar Kokhba" napisał, że dla artystów (. . .) muzyka żydowska nie jest tylko wzorcem muzycznym, jest drogą duchową, którą wspólnie podąża kompozytor i zespół wykonawców. Pamiętajmy -mamy tu do czynienia z muzyczną modlitwą Żydów z Nowego Jorku, Żydów-muzyków, Żydów-awangardzistów (. . .)

W płycie "The Concealed" zawierają się wszystkie cechy stylu późnego Johna Zorna: jest romantyczny oddech i piękna melodia, melancholia i beztroska, prostota i subtelność formy.

Editor's info:
Combining the sound of two of Zorn’s most popular and beloved groups, Bar Kokhba and The Dreamers, The Concealed is a sonic journey filled with surprise, elation and mystery. The latest volume in Zorn’s continuing series of 21st century mystical works features the dynamic quartet Nova Express augmented by the brilliant string masters Erik Friedlander and Mark Feldman creating a remarkable allstar sextet that combines and recombines into a variety of powerful small chamber ensembles. With arrangements ranging from solo pieces to trios, quartets and of course the lush exotic sound of the full sextet, the music is lyrical, enigmatic and stunningly beautiful. Referencing various esoteric traditions out of the East, this is a CD for relaxed listening and contemplation.

All Music Guide:
John Zorn has been writing and recording "mystical" compostions that run alongside his second Masada book since the 21st century began. Most recently, these compostions have been gathered on albums such as In Search of the Miraculous, Goddess: Music for the Ancient of Days, At the Gates of Paradise, the Gnostic Preludes: Music of Splendor, and Vision In Blakelight. The Concealed is addition to that body of work with a compelling twist. Zorn pairs the Nova Quartet (John Medeski, piano; Kenny Wollesen, vibes; Trevor Dunn, bass; Joey Barron, drums) with cellist Erik Friedlander and violinist Mark Feldman. The composer first used this approach on the Bar Kokbha recording (1996), where he juxtaposed the Masada group with these same string players. As on that he recording, he employs various combinations of players in duos, trios, quartets and as a sextet. The musical sources are many: klezmer and Sephardic folk, Spanish music, modern jazz, Zorn's own brand of exotica and modern classical music to name a few. While various musical roots are easily identifiable, they are seamlessly and expansively melded with others in Zorn's encyclopedic musical language. "Persepolis" finds Wollesen's vibes playing a minor key vamp up front, supported by bass, drums and Medeski's piano finding a melody that suggests the influence of Vince Guaraldi with a MIddle Eastern twist. "Kavanah" features Dunn with Friedlander and Feldman, winding around a complex lyric that is equal parts Middle Eastern mode, avant jazz and vanguard classical. Feldman's solo is a set highlight. Medeski plays solo on "the Way of the Sly Man," a tune that joins together stride piano blues, ragtime, klezmer and Ravel. "A Portrait Of Moses Cordovero," (a tribute to one of Kaballah's founding fathers) melds Sephardic folk music, flamenco and 21st century postbop. Speaking of the latter, check the swinging closer, "Life Is Real Only Then, When 'I Am,'" for a dizzying array of interwoven musics, rhythmic invention and complex harmonic interplay. These are formal compostions, played with a light and spacious touch; compelling textures and rhythmic variety add dimension while limited but stunning improvisational acumen is also on display. For its dreamy accessibility and sheer lyricism, the Concealed feels like a recital of sacred songs, rooted in history and layered in mystery, interpreted through Zorn's dual role as composer and medium.
by Thom Jurek

Nova Quartet (John Medeski, piano; Kenny Wollesen, vibes; Trevor Dunn, bass; Joey Barron, drums)
Erik Friedlander: cello
Mark Feldman: violin

1. Persepolis [4:02]
2. The Hidden Book [2:57]
3. Passage to Essentuki [3:44]
4. Pathway of Fire [4:01]
5. Towards Kafiristan [3:29]
6. Kavanah [5:03]
7. Back to Bokhara [5:24]
8. The Silver Thread [4:28]
9. The Dervish [6:33]
10. The Way of the Sly Man [3:50]
11. Amu Darya [4:45]
12. A Portrait of Moses Cordovero [5:37]
13. Visitation of the Night Angels [4:09]
14. Life Is Real Only Then, When "I Am" [4:31]

total time - 62:33
wydano: 2012-10
more info: www.tzadik.com

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