Linyera [Vinyl 2LP]

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  • Производитель: World Village (FR)
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Tango / Tango Nuevo
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Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Ameryka Południowa
kraj: Argentina
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Editor's info:
This new collection of songs from the Argentinian singer-actor could be the soundtrack to a shady underworld, conjuring up as it does a chiaroscuro labyrinth of mirrors where time stands still. Offbeat love songs, sparkling with glints of the blues and tangos of old, vagrants’ tales sprinkled with snatches of bossa nova and candombe, atmospheric melodies summoning up musical spirits, now of Duke, now of Zappa, all plunging us into Melingo’s surreal universe. In the company of his band of itinerant musician-poets, he is a free-spirited, definition-defying artist at the very zenith of his powers. Part rocker, part flamboyant crooner, with a touch of the comedian, as well as a multi-instrumentalist and composer, he bewitches us with intoxicating dreams.

Andrés Calamaro: piano
Cachorro López: double bass
Daniel Melingo: saxes
Gustavo Bazterrica: guitar
Miguel Abuelo: vocal
Polo Corbella: drums

1. La canción del linyera Start
2. Garrapatea Start
3. Qué será de ti Start
4. La maceta Start
5. Televidente de la vida (recuerdo de sí) Start
6. La noche Start
7. Después de pasar Start
8. Volver a los 17 Start
9. Soneto para Daniel Reguera Start
10. Agüita de javel Start
11. Candonga Start
12. Juan Salvó el eternauta

wydano: 2014-04-08
more info: www.worldvillagemusic.com
more info2: www.danielmelingo.com

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