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Flamenco / Flamenco Nuevo
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Hiszpania
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
Estrella Morente (Estrella de la Aurora Morente Carbonell) was born on August 14, 1980 in Las Gabias, Granada. She is a Spanish flamenco singer and daughter of flamenco singer Enrique Morente and dancer Aurora Carbonell. She has been performing with her father since age 7 and recorded her first album in 2001, Mi Cante Y Un Poema (My Songs and A Poem). This was quickly followed by Calle del Aire in the same year, which was well received by critics and flamenco fans alike. On December 14, 2001 she married bullfighter Javier Conde in Nuestra Se¤ora de las Angustias basilica in Granada. She released her third album, Mujeres (Women) in 2006. Her father was the producer.

Estrella Morente is a remarkable young flamenco singer, and this disc, which effectively stands as a tribute to several Spanish singers, is a gorgeous piece of work. Her father, also a famed flamenco singer, has his fingerprints all over the disc. It's a daring record, taking pieces best known in other versions and having her perform them in a different style (and anyone who takes on "Ne Me Quitte Pas" likes a challenge). For someone still young, she has a remarkably mature voice that handles the material with real authority. At the same time, you feel she has yet to realize the full extent of her talent, which means she's going to be a true international figure in a few years. You may not know all those being feted here, but don't worry; simply enjoy Morente's glorious voice instead.
by Chris Nickson

1. La Joya
2. La Gazpacha - La Repompa - La Tía Concha
3. Zambra
4. Chavela La Noche De Mi Amor
5. Rocío Jurado Vuelvo Al Sur
6. Yerma (Fragmento De La Romería De Yerma)
7. Imperio Argentina !Ay Maricruz!
8. Penélope Cruz Volver
9. Susana Renaldi Nostalgias
10. La Perla De Cádiz
11. Carmen Linares
12. Pastora
13. Nina Simone Ne Me Quitte Pas

total time - 55:21
wydano: 2014-12-01
more info: www.parlophone.co.uk

Calle Del Aire
56.99 zł

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