John Zorn: Arcana I. Musicians on Music [Książka/Paperback]

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Avant Jazz / Współczesna Kameralistyka/Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: Book Series
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Editor's info:
Answering a need for critical attention towards experimental and avant-garde music, Arcana is a ground-breaking work - as far-ranging and dynamic as the current generation of musicians. Through manifestoes, scores, interviews, notes and critical papers, performer/composers address composing, playing, improvising, teaching, and thinking in and through music. Rather than an attempt to distill or define musicians' work, Arcana illuminates with personal vision and experience. Arcana is a remarkable book - challenging and original - essential for composers, musicians, theorists and fans alike.

Arcana is a vibrant testimony to the continuing vitality of new music. These exciting young composers are as idiosyncratic and eloquent with words as they are with music.

-Meredith Monk composer/singer

Arcana, edited by John Zorn, is filled with writings by musicians from all over the musical map. Interested in the sampling, deconstruction and reconstruction of pop hooks? The historical sociobiology of the downtown music scene? An American's reaction to the study of Gagaku? Extended contrabass techniques? A savvy take on ear plugs, amplifier distortion and pain? This is the book you've been looking for.

-Steve Reich composer/performer

Chris Brown
Anthony Coleman
Mark Dresser
Stephen Drury
Bill Frisell
Fred Frith
Peter Garland
Gerry Hemingway
Scott Johnson
Eyvind Kang
Guy Klucevsek
George Lewis
David Mahler
Myra Melford
Ikue Mori
Larry Ochs
Bob Ostertag
Mike Patton
Marc Ribot
John Schott
Elliott Sharp
David Shea
John Zorn
Marilyn Crispell
Miya Masaoka
John Oswald
David Rosenboom
Frances-Marie Uitti
Lois V Vierk

Plunderstanding ecophonomics
John Oswald: The counterpoint of species
Scott Johnson: Treatment for a film in fifteen scenes
John Zorn: An adventure
Frances-Marie Uitti: Teaching improvised music : an ethnographic memoir
George E. Lewis: Soul mechanical
Ikue Mori: Pidgin musics
Chris Brown: Aural architecture : the confluence of freedom
Myra Melford: That silence thing
Anthony Coleman: An approach to guitar fingering
Bill Frisell: One/Two
David Shea: Notes from a trans-cultural diary
Miya Masaoka: Music suffers
Eyvind Kang: The three-fold ear and the energies of enthusiasm
Z'EV: Maim that tune
Guy Klucevsek: Elements of improvisation
Marilyn Crispell: All the rage
Bob Ostertag: Propositional music : on emergent properties in morphogenesis and the evolution of music
David Rosenboom: Earplugs
Marc Ribot: Pauline's questions
David Mahler: A personal pedagogy
Mark Dresser: A brief CARBONic history
Elliott Sharp: Awake at the wheel : observations in overdrive
Gerry Hemingway: How we eat our young
Mike Patton: Playing with fire : drinking, and burning, in the dreamtime
Peter Garland: Studying gagaku
Lois V. Vierk: Tapped teeth : try different speeds
Fred Frith: Devices and strategies for structured improvisation
Larry Ochs: Against radical contingency
Steven Drury: "We are revealing a hand that will later reveal us" : notes on form and harmony in Coltrane's work
John Schott

total time - 320 pages
wydano: 2007-09
more info: www.tzadik.com

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