Officium Et Missae In Nativitate / Sancti Ioannis Baptistae

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  • Wykonawca: Schola Sanctae Sunnivae Hartekeriana
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Muzyka Chóralna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's Info:
A female choir from Trondheim and a male choir from Amsterdam are releasing a double CD inspired by a thousand years of church music traditions

Two internationally recognized choirs, Schola Sanctae Sunnivae from Trondheim (Norway) and Hartkeriana from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), have recorded a St. John's officium, a collection of a full day's masses and hourly prayers on one double CD.
The female choir, Schola Sanctae Sunnivae, was founded in 1992, while the male choir, Hartkeriana, was founded in 1994. Both choirs have strong roots in the Gregorian chant tradition and each has previously released several successful CDs on their own. This new CD, produced by Eugeen Liven d'Abelardo, was recorded in Watou (Belgium).

All the texts are related to John the Baptist, who is celebrated by Christians around the world in midsummer. The CD also includes several Christmas texts, as John's function in the Bible was to announce the arrival of Christ on earth. The name of the material the two choirs perform in turn is "Officium et Missae In Nativitae Sancti Ioannis Baptistae".

The release of such a Gregorian CD with a dialogue between male and female voices is a rare gem. The project was initiated after the two choirs discovered each other during the annual international Gregorian chant festival in Watou. The material on the CD has been researched by Professor Cornelius Pouderuijen in Vienna. Here he has restored a complete officium relating to John the Baptist with all the hourly prayers and masses that are part of the St. Hans celebrations on 24 June. The complete officium has never previously been released on CD.

1. In I Vesperis Antiphona: Ipse Praeibit Ante Illum + Ps.109
2. In I Vesperis Antiphona: Ioannes Est Nomen Eius + Ps.110
3. In I Vesperis Antiphona: Ex Utero Senectutis + Ps.111
4. In I Vesperis Antiphona: Iste Puer Magnus + Ps.112
5. In I Vesperis Antiphona: Nazareus Vocabitur + Ps.116
6. In I Vesperis Responsorium Prolixum: Tu Puer Propheta Altissimi
7. In I Vesperis Hymnus: Ut Queant Laxis
8. In I Vesperis Antiphona Ad Magnificat: Ingresso Zacharia + Magn.
9. Missa In Vigilia Introitus: Ne Timeas Zacharia
10. Missa In Vigilia Graduale: Fuit Homo
11. Missa In Vigilia Alleluia: Tu Puer Propheta Altissimi
12. Missa In Vigilia Offertorium: Gloria Et Honore
13. Missa In Vigilia Communio: Magna Est Gloria Eius
14. Ad Matutinum Antiphona Ad Invitatorium: Regem Praecursoris + Ps.94
15. Ad Matutinum Hymnus: Antra Deserti
16. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Priusquam Te Formarem + Ps.1
17. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Ad Omnia Quae Mittam Te + Ps.2
18. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Ne Timeas A Facie Eorum + Ps.3
19. Ad Matutinum Responsorium: Fuit Homo Missaus A Deo
20. Ad Matutinum Responsorium: Elisabeth Zachariae
21. Ad Matutinum Responsorium: Priusquam Te Formarem
22. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Misit Dominus + Ps. 4
23. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Ecce Dedi Verba Mea + Ps. 5
24. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Dominus Ab Utero + Ps.8
25. Ad Matutinum Responsorum: Descendit Angelus Domini
26. Ad Matutinum Responsorum: Hic Praecursor Directus
27. Ad Matutinum Responsorum: Innuebant Patri Eius
28. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Posuit Os Meum + Ps.14
29. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Formans Me Ex Utero + Ps.20
30. Ad Matutinum Antiphona: Reges Videbunt + Ps.33
31. Ad Matutinum Responsorum: Praecursor Domini Venit
32. Ad Matutinum Responsorum: Gabriel Angelus Apparuit
33. Ad Matutinum Responsorum: Inter Natos Mulierum
34. Allelauias Albi Alleluia: Erat Lucerna Ardens
35. Allelauias Albi Alleluia: Ne Timeas Zacharia + Prosa
36. Allelauias Albi Alleluia: Ne Timeas Zacharia
37. Missa In Nocte Antiphona Ad Processionem: Praecursor Christi
38. Missa In Nocte Introitus: Iustus Ut Palma
39. Missa In Nocte Graduale: Iustus Ut Palma
40. Missa In Nocte Alleluia: Ipse Praeibit Ante Ullum
41. Missa In Nocte Sequentia: Praecursor Christi
42. Missa In Nocte Offertorium: In Virtute Tua
43. Missa In Nocte Communio: Posuisti Domine
44. Ad Laudes Antiphona: Elisabeth Zachariae + Ps.92
45. Ad Laudes Antiphona: Innuebant Patri Eius + Ps.99
46. Ad Laudes Antiphona: Ioannes Vocabitur + Ps.62
47. Inter Natos Mulierum + Cant. Dan.3
48. Ad Laudes Antiphona: Tu Puer Propheta Altissimi + Ps.148
49. Ad Laudes Responsorium Breve: Ecce Dedi Verba Mea
50. Ad Laudes Hymnus: O Nimis Felix
51. Ad Laudes Antiphona: Apertum Est Os Zachariae + Benedictus
52. Missa In Die Antiphona Ad Processionem: Ioannes Est + Cant. Zach.
53. Missa In Die Introitus: De Ventre Matris Meae
54. Missa In Die Graduale: Priusquam Te Formarem
55. Missa In Die Alleluia: Beatus Vir
56. Missa In Die Sequentia: Nativitas Praecursoris
57. Missa In Die Offertorium: Iustus Ut Palma
58. Missa In Die Communio: Tu Puer Propheta Altissimi
59. In Ii Vesperis Antiphona: Elisabeth Zachariae + Ps.109
60. In Ii Vesperis Antiphona: Innuebant Patri Eius + Ps.110
61. In Ii Vesperis Antiphona: Ioannes Vocabitur + Ps.111
62. In Ii Vesperis Antiphona: Inter Natos Mulierum + Ps.112
63. In Ii Vesperis Antiphona: Tu Puer Propheta Altissimi + Ps.116
64. In Ii Vesperis Responsorium Prolixum: Iste Est De Sublimibus
65. In Ii Vesperis Hymnus: Ut Queant Iaxis
65. In Ii Vesperis Antiphona Ad Magnificat: Puer Qui Natus Est + Magn.
66. Alleluias Albi Alleluia: Ingressus Zacharias
67. Alleluias Albi Alleluia: Inter Natos Mulierum
68. Alleluias Albi Alleluia: Iustus Ut Palma + Prosa

total time - 2:35:47
wydano: 2006
more info: www.kkv.no

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