• Kod: ILK140
  • Producent: Ilk Records (DK)
  • Kod producenta: 5706274001938
  • Wykonawca: Soren Kjaergaard / Ben Street / Andrew Cyrille
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: piano
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Pianistyka Jazzowa
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

Playboy; 10/2008:
[...] Skandynawscy pianiści od lat plasują się w jazzowej ekstraklasie. Teraz do tego grona wypada zaliczyć młodego Duńczyka. Tutaj jego chłodna, stonowana gra kapitalnie koresponduje z ciężkim beatem genialnego bopowego weterana bębnów, Andrew Cyrilla. Grają lirycznie, medytacyjnie, ale też soczyście i zaskakująco. Album roku w kategorii fortepianowe trio! [...]
autor: Rafał Księżyk

Editor's info:

Optics is the 6th release from 29 year old pianist Soren Kjargaard.
The project has matured in his mind for several years and marks a turning point in his career. He has performed and collaborated internationally with artists like Tim Berne, Herb Robertson and Michael Blake, but this date is his first international recording as a leader.
The trio features drummer Andrew Cyrille and bass player Ben Street.

Andrew Cyrille is a living legend and one of the true masters of improvised music. He has collaborated closely with artists like Cecil Taylor, Oliver Lake and Walt Dickerson in some of the ground breaking projects from the 60's up untill the present day.

Ben Street is regarded as one of the most sofisticated upright bass players on the present scene, effortlessly encompassing raw power, elegance and a singing tone. Coming from New York he performs and records with artists like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Danilo Perez and Paul Motian.

Optics was recorded in June 2007 at the legendary Sear Sound studio in New York. It was recorded live to analog two track tape by James Farber and mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi. Furthermore Optics was recorded in one room without separation to create an authentic sound and a clear communication, unbroken by walls or glass.
The result is a three dimensional sound that brings out all the subtle shades of sonorities. It takes the listener into the room, creating a surging atmosphere throughout the set from the first to the last note. An atmosphere of vibrance and space.
Of electrically charged silences and the awakening sense of exploring new musical landscapes. The three musicians had only met once prior to the date and yet there is a natural and organic flow in the music. Most of the record was done in first takes.

The opening piece Optics is a 13 minute suite in four parts. The thematic opening is followed by an airy passage where Cyrille is exploring the open harmonies in an intensely minimalistic performance. The third part is a choral featuring the eclectic playing of Ben Street, before finishing with a waltzing contrapunctal treatment of a simple two-part melody. In Cyrille Surreal we hear the trio in two layers: a first take and a second overdubbed take. The piece starts with a piano introduction and the first trio take. Then gradually throughout the piece the overdubbed trio crescends on top of the pumping bass ostinato, creating piano polyfonies and 'cyrillic' whirl winds. Elegy is a peaceful ballad of serene intimacy. Dear Mr Sear (dedicated to the genious of Walter Sear), Gyamtso (dedicated to the spirit of Torben Ulrich) and Mallets (a duo by Kjargaard and Cyrille) are improvised pieces. Work Of Art features another duo interplay by Cyrille and Kjargaard. This track is perhaps the dynamic peak of the album showing a fiery and more virtuosic side of the two musicians. The title was born right after the take when Cyrille exclaimed: "That's a work of art. Can't beat that!"

The album closer Radio House Requiem is a swan song for the national Danish Radio (DR). DR has been undergoing violent cutbacks as a result of debts arising from the construction of new Media City in Copenhagen. Because of this huge budget deficit DR has been downsized from being a cultural stronghold with room for the niches (like jazz and improvised music) to become a streamlined media station. DR used to be known for its presence on even the smallest venues, documenting and broadcasting from the Copenhagen jazz scene, and thanks to DR and its staff of great producers we can listen back to invaluable tapes of Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, Gary Peacock, Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, NHOP, Paul Bley, Henry Threadgil and many more - richly and inexhaustingly documented from the early 60's up untill recently. Today there is only one jazz host left in DR with a minimal budget. There are no live jazz broadcasts, news, interviews or profiles of musicians and composers anymore. The few weekly hours of broadcast containing jazz are restricted to automized playlists. The jazz program has become mechanical and inorganic like the rest of the new Media City.
Radio House Requiem had its first performance at the Danish Jazz Awards 2007 and was broadcastet live by DR Jazz Live in one of their last live jazz productions.

ťEclectic and stylistically all encompassing, Kjargaard is the quintessential postmodernist.
Kjargaard is a rising talent worthy of the inevitable acclaim. Those looking for a new voice on the keys are adviced to delve further into his ever growing discography.Ť
[Troy Collins, Cadence Magazine, 2006]

ťKjargaard confines himself to the keyboard, at times waxing rhapsodic in unpredictable serpentine shapes, at others spinning Zen tone-webs of surprising spanŤ
[Tom Greenland All About Jazz, 2007]

ťYou hear the decisiveness and the vibrations which makes him a soulful musician. He is a very promising young man, who has recieved the Danish National Radio Jazz Award for his pioneering accomplishments and as a forerunner for a whole new generation.Ť
[Alex Dutilh, Jazzman, 2006]

Soren Kjaergaard - Piano
Ben Street - Bass
Andrew Cyrille - Drums

1. Optics 13:58
2. Dear Mr Sear 3:00
3. Cyrille Surreal 8:00
4. Elegy 7:40
5. Mallets 5:11
6. Gyamtso 4:06
7. Work Of Art 8:42
8. Radio House Requiem 6:19

wydano: 2008-03
nagrano: Recorded by James Farber at Sear Sound, New York, June 28 & 29 2007
more info: www.ilkmusic.com
more info2: www.soerenkjaergaard.dk
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