American Road

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  • Producent: Challenge Jazz
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  • Wykonawca: The Tierney Sutton Band
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: vocals
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Wokalistyka jazzowa
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Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Trzykrotnie nominowana no nagrody Grammy w kategorii "Best Jazz Vocal Album" podobnie jak inna amerykańska wokalistka Rene Marie pozostaje w Europie raczej mało znana.
Od blisko 20 lat prowadzi The Tierney Sutton Band, z którym nagrała album "American Road", przez wielu krytyków jazzowych za oceanem oceniany jako "the best jazz album of 2011".

"American Road by the Tierney Sutton Band. Thus far the best jazz album of 2011. Stunningly brilliant. Essential listening." Chris Loudon - Jazz Times

"Tierney Sutton is among a group of artists who "may have come to epitomize what many think of as true jazz singers during the previous decade because of their brilliance in interpreting the classics." With American Road, Sutton applies her deliberate, exquisitely controlled vocals to three songs from West Side Story and three songs from Porgy And Bess, as well as such traditional tunes as "Amazing Grace" and "The Water Is Wide." On the latter song, she gracefully holds a note for 12 seconds. On her quintet's arrangement of "On Broadway," she toys with vowels as though they were taffy. But Sutton doesn't grandstand. She climbs inside a melody and explores new territory. The pleasure of hearing standards involves the internal dialogue that occurs in the listener's mind, where a previously known arrangement often is mingling with the new rendition. The Tierney Sutton Band, which has been around for 18 years, is capable of creating innovative interpretations of even the most well-known warhorses. Pianist Christian Jacob offers consistently tasteful accompaniment, and the band's arrangements often include textures crafted by an acoustic bass and an electric one (courtesy of the quintet's two bassists, Kevin Axt and Trey Henry)." by John Murph - DownBeat

"Organic but deeply rooted in tradition, this exquisite release is perfect from start to finish…an almost instant classic." - digitaljazznews

"Not since Gil Evans worked his magic with the first Miles Davis quintet has arranging had such a potent and important effect in small-combo jazz. This is top-notch, full-throttle jazz vocals." C. Michael Bailey - aboutjazz.com

"Gorgeous. Witty. And absolutely fresh. Every bit of it." Buffalo News

Editor's info:
For their ninth album, the Grammy-nominated vocalist and her band of 18 years leave preconceptions in the dust, taking instantly familiar, American-born compositions, deconstructing them and presenting them anew in their own inimitable way. After hearing the Tierney Sutton Band's take on these cornerstones of the American lexicon, it may be impossible to imagine them performed any other way.

"We first started looking at an 'America'-themed CD three or four years ago," says Sutton, whose vocal style has been described as "soft as silk and smooth as fine bourbon" by the Chicago Sun Times. Circumstances led the group in a different direction at the time, the result being 2009's Desire, which earned the group its third consecutive Grammy nomination for Best Vocal Jazz Album.

But the concept that gave ultimately gave rise to American Road stayed with Sutton and the band-Christian Jacob (piano), Kevin Axt (acoustic and electric bass), Trey Henry (acoustic and electric bass) and Ray Brinker (drums and percussion)-until, having spent countless days and nights traveling America's roads and playing in her towns and cities, they were able to finally bring it to fruition. All of the arrangements on American Road were conceived by the entire band, which, said The New York Times, has "refined the kind of rapport that could only be achieved over time...providing a continuous flow of support, strength and inspiration."

In a recent interview with the Digital Jazz News blog, Sutton summed up her experience making the album. The music, she said, "sort of flowed out of us, and, she added, "We walked out of the studio feeling that it is our best work to date."

Tierney Sutton: vocal
Christian Jacob: piano
Trey Henry: bass
Kevin Axt: bass
Ray Brinker: drums

1. Wayfaring Stranger
2. Oh Shenandoah/ The Water Is Wide
3. On Broadway
4. Amazing Grace
5. It Ain't Necessarily So
6. Summertime
7. My Man's Gone Now
8. Tenderly
9. The Eagle And Me
10. Somewhere
11. Something's Coming/Cool
12. America The Beautiful

wydano: 2011
more info: www.challenge.nl
more info2: tierneysutton.com
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