Re-Done [Vinyl]

  • Kod: APR062LP
  • Producent: April Records (DK)
  • Kod producenta: 5709498106212
  • Wykonawca: Universal Funk
  • Nośnik: Vinyl 2LP
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premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: kartonowe etui
LAIF, ocena: ****
(...) Duński duet Universal Funk nieźle już namieszał - i to nie tylko na rodzimej scenie. Sporym sukcesem okazał się ich debiutancki album 'One", który doczekał się zremiksowanej wersji pt. 'Re:Done". Swoje aranżacje przedstawili tam m.in.: Athome Project, Ben Human, Tweak czy Puddu Varano (...)
Robert Moczydłowski [LAIF]

uk.launch.yahoo.com; 2003-03-18, ocena: 8/10
Having commissioned spot-on remixes for their singles, Denmark's Universal Funk duo have taken the sensible option and had their whole debut album, 'One', re-fashioned by some of Europe's most cutting-edge producers.

The album opens with the Air like 'Rain' as re-twisted by Norway's Athome Project. As with several of the songs here, the original focus of the song on the melodic trumpet is left in tact. But the re-mixer's attention is concentrated on the accompanying atmospherics, in this case created by soft analogue keyboard sounds.

'Trains and Planes' begins to push the pace with a Sixties, funky souljazz keyboard jam given a tweak by Swiss producers Tweak (sorry about that).

Continuing the up-tempo drift, Worldless People's version of 'Don't Take All' drips with atmospherics placed over slightly trippy nu-jazz house beats.

Until this point it's been a thoroughly pleasant journey, but Ben Human's entry signals a voyage into more interesting territory. His mix of 'Step Off' is a deliciously deep, groovy and slightly skewed affair that packs it's punch in its bass line.

The Swell Session's funky guitar lead broken beat remix of 'Streets of Havana' has already caused a rightful stir and bridges delightfully but awkwardly into Mikael Delta's re-work of 'Smokin Love' - a slow burning deep house party re-mix that takes on Metro Area and Mr Fingers attitude through use of hand claps and soft organ touches.

The saxophone will of course divide opinion, but for those of us who appreciate jazz's most expressive brass instrument, this is like one of 95 North's joyous jazz house moments.

Puddu Varano's superb re-rub of 'Sun' is a much darker affair, concentrating on the beats and the bass end to create maximum space between the majority of the instrumentation and the melody of the trumpet.

The ever-inventive Jol keeps the beats breaking on his off-kilter 'Could I', while conversely Cai Bojsen-Moller moulds 'Kuta' into mid paced four to the floor.

Maybe universal jazz would be a more appropriate title, but the important thing is not only does this re-mix package cover the gamut of contemporary dance floor jazz, it does so in style. So in that respect their work is certainly done and done well.
by Ben Osborne

1. Rain (Athome Project Remix) Remix - Athome Project
2. Streets Of Havanna (Swell Session Remix) Remix - Swell Session
3. Trains And Planes (Tweak Remix) Remix - Tweak
4. Don't Take All (Worldless People Retake) Remix - Worldless People
5. Sun (Puddu Varano Remix) Remix - Puddu Varano
6. Could I (Jol Remix) Remix - Jol
7. Smokin' Love (Mikael Delta Remix) Remix - Mikael Delta
8. Step Off (Ben Human Remix) Remix - Ben Human
9. Kuta (Cai Bojsen-Moller Remix) Remix - Cai Bojsen-Moller

wydano: 2003-05-13
more info: www.aprilrecords.com

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